FPV races are by far one of the most exciting things in the FPV world, and seeing all those fast drones and pilots racing for the victory is extremely cool, but if you wanna be part of this, don’t think it will be easy - you will have to practice a lot, and nothing is better to do this than using a bunch of FPV Gates to set up your perfect racing line.

Made of arcs and flags, being a square, a circle, half a circle, or any other format, an FPV gate will be capable of providing you visible obstacles and create a nice path to train your skills and get faster and faster every time you try it. No matter where you are, practice will take you to perfection! So get ready to know everything about fpv gates and try new things. Grab your quad, call your friends, and be ready to feel how it is to be a racing pilot drone!

What is a drone race made of?

Besides fast drones and extremely precise pilots, a race is made basically of a lot of gates that create the track to be followed. Those gates can present a bunch of different formats that we will show in the following.

What does a gate look like?

The most common one is made of a just arc, as can be seen in the following picture. This gate is really simple to be assembled and the objective is simply to pass under it.

Arc FPV Gate, the most simple and common one


Another pretty common FPV Gate is shaped like a circle, as shown in the following picture. These can be mounted no matter the height you want, being able to be placed over other gates and create pretty cool paths. With this, you just need to pass inside to keep going.


You can find basically the same gate but with the square format inside, like this:


A pretty cool option to put on a race is the FPV Gate that is cubic-shaped. This single gate allows the racer to create differents paths and ways to perform the race, those can be seen in the following picture:


How to start racing?

If you think this is too much to handle as a beginner, don’t worry. You can find all of those FPV gates in smaller versions, so you won't be limited to fly only outside, but also inside your house or anywhere you want.

And a pretty cool combo that would go well with those small versions of the FPV gate is to have a whoop FPV racing drone so you can practice a lot.

At HorusRC Shop you can find the best option to begin racing, and it is the Diatone Hey Tina Whoop 86mm. It is already in pre-order waiting for you at horusrc.com!

With those gates and this awesome whoop race, you will be able to create your own track to practice. This is the key to success!

But why choose this particular drone?

The Diatone Hey Tina Whoop 86mm comes with everything you need. Based in a frame with prop guards, this quad will give you the sensation and feel of complete freedom. You can fly feeling unbreakable!

With the MAMBA Racing MB1103 8500KV motors, speed will not be a problem. These motors can deliver astonishing speeds that can close the gap between a loss and a win. The ESC MAMBA 13A ESC Dshot 600 will be able to offer a smooth and safe acceleration to your motors, not giving a chance to losing a single corner.

Together with the MAMBA F411AIO Flight Controller, with incredible processing power and running the FalcoX firmware, capable to run smooth every single movement, this quad will follow the track with any single deviation, making you feel powerful when piloting one.

It also comes with a RunCam Nano2 camera, delivering a pretty beautiful image, allowing you to see every single way. Together with the MAMBA TX400MW VTX, you won’t miss any moment of the race.

Can I bind with my FrSky radio?

Yes! You have the option of buying this drone with an FrSky XM+ receiver, that comes with diverse capability, making you sure that it will have a good radio link no matter where you fly!

So what are you waiting for? Visit HorusRC’s online shop and guarantee every single component to be as fast as you can on the races. We are waiting for you!