If you have already watched a video on the internet of someone doing crazy maneuvers with a drone, or a beautiful cinematic video and want to know how to do the same but can’t seem to find the means and ways to do this, since there are so many options in the market, we can help you and the solution to your problems is an fpv ready-to-fly kit!

A ready to fly kit will come with everything you need to be in the air: it comes with a radio, a drone, and a google. So, the only work you have to do is open the box and plug everything on! Here at HorusRC, we are getting ready to offer the best options of kits to you, but since we still don't have it, we can show you a quick view of the top quality products you can find in the best fpv ready-to-fly kits on the market.

Let’s first separate all those items that come in the kit to explain every single one, showing our suggested models for each one of them to make your first purchase a good choice, or to show you possibles future upgrades you can do to keep growing in the hobby. Remember that most of the items we will show here are available in our HorusRC Store!

The radio

To do all your movements and tricks, first, you need a way to communicate with the drone and control it. The device in charge of doing this is the RC Radio. A good RC Radio is made of at least two sticks, some switches, a screen, and a transmitter, but this general description isn’t enough to help one choose which model to buy.

To begin with, which protocols are the best? Every transmitter inside the radio normally uses the protocol of the brand that made the radio, and different protocols can make a lot of difference in your fight. The main difference is the reliability and range it can provide to you. An extremely good brand with a great protocol is FrSky - its powerful signal quality is proved to be one of the best by a lot of drone pilots in the world.

FrSky has a lot of models and you might still be in doubt about which one to choose. The main difference in the models is the way your hands will fit with the radio but all of them offer the same quality in the signal and link and are all available at horusrc.com!

If you are more of a fan of the video game controller style, the FrSky X-Lite will certainly satisfy you. If you like to feel the control in your hand, with a more square-shaped design, the best option is the FrSky QX7S ACCESS. And, if you prefer the top end, with the best and most comfortable catch, with a big screen and a bunch of switches, you’ve got to go to the FrSky X9D Plus SE 2019.

The Drone

Since we have suggested a FrSky radio, the best way to go with a drone is a BNF (Bind-N-Fly) option and we have the best model for beginners at HorusRC Online Shop. We are talking about the VANTAC Swoop SQ130, a BNF drone that won’t give you any trouble to start. Combined with a FrSky radio, it is ready to fly: just bind it, torn on the motors and start doing your tricks.

The VANTAC Swoop SQ130 comes with the RXSR-FC or ARCHER RS, the Scout VS600 Mini VTX, Runcam Robin FPV Camera, and Ori32 25A ESC, all those in a 3” frame. Just the premium components, to make your first drone a pretty good machine.

The Goggles

The goggles are the hardest piece of the FPV to talk about since it is a pretty personal item. Choosing a model depends on a bunch of factors. Will it fit correctly in my face? Is the IPD enough for my eyes? Is the screen large but not too large? Is the box goggle such a horrible choice? But we will try to make it more general and talk about the majority’s choice.

There are two main options when we talk about goggles: the single screen goggle, also known as box goggle, and the dual-screen goggle. Most people start with the box goggle, since those are cheaper, but after getting more into the hobby, they switch pretty fast to the dual screen option.

We do recommend you start right with the dual-screen. Within this category, there are so many options, but the most famous are FatShark, Skyzone, Eachine and Orca. It is a matter of looking at the specs and analyzing which one will fit you better.