If you are a beginner drone user, you might want to download fpv freerider mac to improve your skills of piloting a drone, avoiding crashing your real rc aircraft. Freerider is a flight simulator, so you have to expect it to be quite hard to control the vehicle as its behavior tends to mimic the behavior of a real drone. Read on to get more information about this game.


1. Enjoy 6 sceneries

There are 6 sceneries in the game where you can master your drone flying skills. With a single click, you can travel from the hot desert to the chilly ocean coast, then take a walk in the gloomy forest and catapult right away into the underground parking lot. Each scenery has its own level of difficulty and specific obstacles that you will enjoy overcoming. Every time you get tired of the scenery, you can switch to another one, ensuring that you never get bored with this drone simulator.

2. Choose the flying point of view

There are two ways you can fly the aircraft. It can be either the FPV mode or LOS mode. LOS means line of sight and it happens when the player's eyes are connected to the object (drone) through an imaginary straight line. To put it simply, the player constantly sees the drone in the center of the bottom half of the screen. When it comes to FPV, it stands for first-person view, and it describes a situation when the player doesn't see the drone on the screen but rather feels like piloting it from its cockpit.

In real life drone flying, both modes are used, so you can train your skills both in FPV and LOS, switching between them with a single click whenever you feel the need.

3. Connect a real radio control

The game allows you to fly the drone using either mouse and keyboard controls or a radio transmitter. For a more realistic experience, you are recommended to use a transmitter that will help your fingers get used and memorize the controls, ending up in performing faster when flying a real drone.

4. Choose between acro and self-level control mode

The game has two control modes if using the radio control. In the self-mode, you drive, being assisted by a computer. This means that if you take the hands off the radio control, the computer will step in immediately trying to level the drone. In the case of the acro mode, if you take your hands off the transmitter, the drone will fly in the position you left it in.

This is why the pilot using the acro mode always has to keep an eye on the drone and adjust its orientation to prevent a crash. With that being said, self-mode is more suitable for beginners who fly a drone for the first time and may easily lose control of the aircraft. More advanced users can choose the acro mode.

5. Play on a powerful device

Being a flight simulator, FPV Freerider has a truckload of data, so it runs only on powerful devices. Unfortunately, the game can run slow on your phone. The best performance will be with Windows 7 and Mac OS X. If you play on your Mac, you are recommended to activate the Performance Mode to get higher-quality graphics and better maneuverability of your aircraft.

6. Adjust the physics of your drone  

While in the demo mode you are not allowed to alter the design and flight features of your plane, in the full version, you get the chance to upgrade and adjust the characteristics of your drone, making it fly faster and perform more difficult stunts.

To sum up, Fpv Freerider mac is a flight simulator that helps you master your skills of piloting a drone. The main advantage of this game is that it prevents crashes and drone damage that may occur when you learn flying a drone using a real aircraft. The game has realistic graphics and 6 settings to allow you to switch to the next one when you get bored. You can even connect a radio control to make your experience closer to reality and enjoy the two control modes available: acro and self-level.