That is where Frsky BNF Drones comes in to play to help out the Noobs as well as pros. Drone Racing is an expensive hobby and your mistakes can count for expensive replacements as well. For the same reason, It is confusing for most of the people on How to start out this hobby. Some people will try out in a simulator. Some will start to learn the basics and build one and some others will get a Toy Drone to learn with it.


The best way to learn the various aspects of this hobby is by building a Rig. It will give you experience as well as knowledge. Although it is very common to encounter Problems when going through the First Build and sometimes it can be a pain as well as time-consuming to troubleshoot the problem. Therefore everyone may not have the Guts to go through it. This is where Pre-Built Frsky BNF (Bind-And-Fly) Drones can be useful.


A BNF Drone will save the Time to Build a Rig and you don’t have to go behind any Troubleshooting as it will work out of the box. Moreover, it is Tested and Tuned in the Factory for Optimized Performance. This will save the time of Busy People who have little time to spend in this hobby where they don’t want it to spend on Building the Quad whole the time.

Moreover, The cost of these rigs is the same as of the components used in it and It is tested and Tuned by Manufacturer which is a great advantage. FrSky took another leap and collaborated with various Companies to Manufacture some of the best BNF Drones and In this article, we are going to cover one of these that you can Buy in 2020.


FrSky Vantac SQ130

SQ130 Is the latest Frsky Multirotor that uses cutting edge technology in order to provide the best class performance to the Pilots. On the first Impression, It looks like a very Compact and Beautiful Race Quad and every component in it looks exactly made for each other. It is loaded with Premium components, hence a Quality BNF FrSky Race Quad.




  • Frame Size- 130mm 3”
  • Flight Controller- Omnibus F4 Nano
  • Receiver- R-XSR FC
  • VTX- Scout VS600
  • 5.8Ghz Antenna- Rondo 5.8Ghz Antenna
  • ESC- Ori32 25A 4in1 Blehli_32
  • Motor- Frsky 1406 3300KV
  • Camera- Runcam Robin

It Runs the latest low-latency F.Port 2.0 Connection which allows a clean signal for all the telemetry needs and Parameters are fully adjustable through Flight Controller. Moreover, the Lua Script is enabled by default. It uses the latest technology to get up the quad in the air which makes it extremely a Quality Race rig from Frsky.


It uses the Omnibus F4 Nano V7 Flight Controller which is very popular in the Industry. There is a dedicated Ribbon Cable port in it for R-XSR FC Reciever. The R-XSR is integrated into it and placed on the STM32 Chip. The Receiver is very tiny so that fits exactly on the STM32 Chip. This makes it extremely easy to configure or Bind with the FrSky radio. Perhaps this is to avoid not to get messed up with the Betaflight UART settings.


It uses ESC from a Company that has marked their reputation for quality and performance guaranteed Products. It is equipped with Airbot Ori32 4in1 Blheli 32 ESC. Blheli_32 Esc enables you to configure more parameters than the usual Blheli_S ESC.


The VTX on the Build is Frsky Scout VS600 Black which can go up to 600mW that is more than enough you need to rip with a 3inch Quad. OutPut level is switchable between 0.01mW /25mW/ 200mW/600mW which makes it more reliable. It is paired with Runcam Robin which is one of the best FPV Cameras from Runcam.

The stack on it makes it a Tight Build and you will have to re-arrange the components in the Housing space in order to Mount the Battery on top of the frame. You can only do a bottom mount out of the box which is not a problem at all.

 There is no battery included with this FrSky BNF Racequad. It is recommended to use 4S 850- 1100Mah Battery. Although you can use 3S 650-1100Mah Batteries with it, But the Flight time and power won't match to a 4S Battery. Even though there is no Battery included in it, But Gemfan 3052 Tri-Blade Propellers are Included.


The Price is around 190$ which is a reasonable cost for the Premium components used in it. It is obvious that you are getting a unique and reliable Multirotor if you are leaning towards it. I hope this has helped someone to start out with one of the best Frsky BNF multirotor.