In mid-2019, FrSky unveiled its new air protocol, ACCESS, with a number of great new features and various new FrSky drone receivers ready to run it. One of these receivers is the FrSky RX6R Receiver 6 PWM and 16 Channels Sbus outport with redundancy function. This is an elite receiver, with 6 PWM outputs, full redundancy support, better range, very low latency, and 7 ms Frame Rate.

But what sets the FrSky RX6R apart from other RC receivers are the features that come with ACCESS. This state-of-the-art protocol allows for much easier and safer binding, enhanced telemetry obtention, a more intuitive model setup, and many new features that come with the latest transmitters in the Taranis Line.

The 6 PWM outputs are of the highest quality and, along with its many other attributes, make this receiver a great option for all drones. You can get yours at for less than $30!


What is ACCESS?

ACCESS (Advanced Communication Control, Elevated Spread Spectrum) is FrSky amazing new communication protocol. For the last 10 years, FrSky’s ACCST, also known as the D16, has been well acclaimed around the world and a favorite in the RC community. ACCESS comes as an evolution of the ACCST, bringing various quality of life improvements and some fantastic completely new features.

The first improvement one will notice is the increase from 16 to 24 supported channels, which opens the door to many new possibilities for pilots. Full redundancy is also supported. That means that you could connect two or more receivers in series, using the Sbus ports, and, if one fails, you don’t lose control over the model. What is new with ACCESS is that up to 3 of these receivers can acquire telemetry.

 The latency has also been lowered. Using an X-Lite Pro, for example, the average latency is of just 12.6 ms for 8 channel mode, and 18.8 ms for 24 channel mode, both considerably lower than what the D16 is capable of providing. Coupling the lower latency with the faster Frame Rate, the result is better than ever performance. And to make sure this is enjoyed, the range is now 40% larger, going past the 2 km mark

Updating your receivers is now easier than ever and can be done wirelessly, with the new Over-The-Air function. Binding your models is also more trouble-free and safer with Smart MatchTM, a two-part procedure. After registering the receiver to your transmitter, using the F/S button, you can quickly bind it wirelessly whenever you want. It is even possible to register a receiver to multiple radios.


The RX6R

There are many FrSky drone receivers capable of running ACCESS. All of them are very good and different receivers will fit better different uses. But one that truly stands out is the RX6R. Tiny and lightweight, only 2.5 grams without antennas,  this versatile and reliable receiver will fit nicely in most drones and please pilots who have the most diverse objectives and flying styles.

The 6 PWM outputs work with very high precision, less than0.5 μs, and low latency, 9 ms less than that of X series receivers in high-speed mode. Many drones won’t need more than 6 PWM outputs, but, of course, with ACCESS installed, there is the option of using up to 24 channels with the SBUS OUT port, while keeping the small latency.

The RX6R has a lower power consumption, comes with the smart port enabled, and supports both transmission of telemetry data and battery voltage detection. It also comes with two IPEX 4 antennas, that are detachable, and has an A2 analog input, which may come handy. There is also a conformal coating, which protects the circuit board against moisture.

Some things to keep in mind. This receiver operates in a voltage range of 3.5V~10V and a current of 100 mA at 5V. There is also the option of running the ACCST air protocol, but, in this case, it needs to be updated to the right firmware. And to make flying safer, it is possible to set Failsafe so, if the control signal is lost for a period, the channel output goes to a preset position.

The FrSky R6RX is definitely one of the best receivers on the market nowadays. It is reliable, versatile, technological, good looking, and full of great features that improve the experience of flying RC drones. This is the right receiver to try, and fall in love with, ACCESS and can be bought for just $27.99 at