It uses the MPU6000 over SPI to produce stable flight performance. Integrated with the R9MM receiver mounted on board in a protection box. It also has a barometer and an AB7456 OSD chip for the integrated betaflight OSD .

Among its functions I will describe them below:

It supports R9MM receivers, it has a STM32F4 processor, MPU6000 Gyro via SPI, it also has a BMP 280 barometer, integrated betaflight OSD, it has 5 UART ports, 3-6S Lipo direct plugin , built in LC filter, and other functions.


FrSky XSRF3PO flight controller

Good things come in small packages. Like the latest FrSky flight controller . With a built-in R-XSR receiver and 20mm x 20mm mounting holes, it's perfect for a clutter-free micro quad-copter build . The RXSRF3OM has integrated Betaflight OSD and Smart Port enabled, which means it supports full telemetry.


FrSky XMF3E flight controller

FrSky's finally best solution for all those micro brushed quads . F3EVO running betaflight and fully firmware upgradeable. The pre-soldered connectors make this unit ready to install and link. Updating your Little One has never been easier.

It also has a built-in F3EVO and XM receiver module ( the XM receiver is a unidirectional receiver without telemetry , it also has the latest accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.


FrSky Taranis X9E Gimbal without throttle


Upgrade your Taranis X9D with this high resolution plug- n- play M9 gimbal from FrSky . Highly sensitive Hall sensors will not wear out quickly.The thicker 4mm stick ends give a solid link to your controls. Fully adjustable tension and easily disable the personal centering axis with a single screw. This is a must-havIt has an extremely smooth feel with the quad ball bearings and metal outer construction. the accessory to achieve those precision flight maneuvers.

I have tried this type of gimbal and if you spend a good time with it, for example in a flight simulator as in the upper part of the crown you end up hurting so it is a bit uncomfortable because it sticks you in the finger because it ends up being nailed.


FrSky X-Lite Transmitter Replacement Parts M12LITE Gimbal

In my opinion, this type of gimbal is very good for me, as its aluminum-like design does not hurt you, it is very nice both in silver and red, otherwise this type of gimbal is very comfortable for both children and adults , it gets a good response in The transmitter, mechanically from what I have been able to see, is quite well, has high precision and reliability. I have the taranis x lite and I am very happy with it.


FrSky M9-R Hall Sensor Gimbal for Racing Drivers

FrSky M9-R Gimbal is specially designed for FPV, 3D and Fixed Wing Aerobatic and Heli 3D racing pilots using the FrSky Taranis X9D / X9D Plus transmitter. 45 ° throttle travel will allow you to achieve quick throttle response resulting in precision control. The combination of a room sensor gimbal and the included ends of the lotus stick will ensure that your thumbs or fingers are with one another with the radio. We gave it a red metal body to give it that race-ready look.


FrSky Scout VS600 Mini VTX

The FrSky Scout VS600 Mini is the miniature version of the VS600 VTX. It has a simple and clean design, equipped with adjustable power output and switchable frequency bands and channels. Paired with a FrSky radio transmitter , the parameters can be conveniently adjusted via the gTrans.lua script.