Frsky Futaba are two brands dedicated to radio control of different devices, they produce various types of components such as transmitters, receivers, servos, controller boards, etc ... This brand of station is older than they have since it was founded in 1948 and is practically new since it has only been with us since 2010 and has managed to be among the top brands quickly.


 2nd Comparisons at first sight of frsky and futaba

-Despite being a fairly new brand, this first one makes very good quality products and can compete without problems with the most prestigious brands on the market. and with innovative designs in styles, colors and shapes, more advanced in new shapes. Like drones. This second brand of stations has always been a very good brand in its products, they usually have the classic shapes and colors and are not very customizable in terms of design. Here we have two models of this brand, the highest of the range and another of the cheapest.


And here we have several examples of stations of various shapes and colors of the first brand that adapt to all types of pilots.


3rd Preferences between pilots

-Both Frsky or Futaba these two stations have very good acceptance among model airplane pilots, the older pilots who usually fly only airplanes and sailboats tend to remain faithful to this older brand, and the younger pilots usually opt for Frsky for its innovative designs and technological advances that allow you more types of programming and more sizes and models of receivers that are better adapted to drones, which is the most popular style of flight at the moment.


4th Manageability of  frsky and  futaba

-In my personal experience I have had several stations of different brands during my life, for me the best thing that Frsky has in front of Futaba is its much easier handling when it comes to configuring models and versatility when it comes to arranging the different controls of the model, you can do almost any combination, Futaba against it is more complicated when it comes to configuring models and you cannot make as many combinations or distribute all the channels as you like.


5º These transmitters on the pc

-Frsky and Futaba the two brands of stations can be connected to a PC for both simulator and programming, Futaba is more limited when it comes to updates and to connect to the simulator you need a special cable, Frsky instead you can do many things with it for its open operating system such as even changing the audio system and customizing it, programming it in almost all languages, and it connects with a normal micro USB cable without having to buy a specific cable.


6th Diversity of components and accessories Frsky and Futaba

-The two brands manufacture various components oriented to the R.C. servo motors etc. But it is the first one that has many more accessories such as different types of modules that are easily interchangeable without the need to open the station, lon range antennas, compatible almost all among all the stations of the brand and adding a large number of models receivers of different sizes and characteristics, we also have the very useful micro mini receivers so necessary for mounting drones racer, we can even change the guimbals of our station for others of more or less sensitivity depending on our tastes and preferences.


7 º My personal experience with Frsky and Futaba transmitters

-In my experience and personal opinion with both stations, it has gone very well for me but I prefer the first one because of its simplicity in handling and the great variety of personifications you can do in them, I really like their voice notifications, which seems to me very useful especially when you are flying in fpv, and the diversity of models such as the x9 lite that especially for the little ones is very interesting since they reach the yostik very well, which is very difficult for traditional stations, thanks My son can fly to these station formats with the ease that with a standard size he could not because they did not give him his fingers, and what the station talks to him is very funny and attractive, thanks to this we can now share hobie.


8th Frsky and Futaba Community

-In the world of forums, there are many people with these stations, but being this one the one with the most number of users, which makes it much easier to solve doubts and problems that may arise when choosing components, modules, receivers, etc. … At the community level it has managed to grow like no other brand in a very short time.