FPV drone racing, as well the whole RC Hobby is gaining popularity day by day and simulator world is expanding. Simulators are really helpful in getting handy with the maneuvers if you are a noob and to improve your skills if you are a pro.  Because simulators will help to reduce the crashes in real life and saving the cost to get your craft airworthy again. And that is why it is recommended to try out with a game controller before attempting to fly a quad in real life. That is where Frsky Game Controller comes in to play because of its small size factor and wireless function.

 But it is really frustrating and annoying to have a Cable always going from the Transmitter into the PC and sometimes you may wish if there was a Wireless way. Well Frsky has taken another leap to come up with a solution and that is what exactly the XSR-SIM! Moreover the game controller Dongle is pretty cheap, which usually costs less than 20 bucks and you can buy it from HorusRc. We are going to take a look at the Wireless USB Dongle Released by the Frsky which is an excellent solution for using  Taranis and Horus Transmitters for Simulators.




XSR-SIM is a USB Wireless Dongle that is of a size of USB Flash drive that you can bind with your Taranis or Horus Radio which will make the best Game Controller for the Simulator. Then it can be connected to the PC and used for simulator Practicing with no more long cables messing up around. Yes, It’s pretty cheap to run a mini USB Cable from your Taranis or Horus Radio to the PC; But sometimes it will be quite inconvenient. Well, it is good to have an option and it is not expensive.


 The compact design in the semi Transparent Shell is giving it a cool look and different from the typical USB Wired Dongles that is available in the market. The distinct Triangular section below the Frsky logo is the binding button which actually can be taken apart. It comes in both EU and LBT version and you will have to choose the right one for your Radio. You don’t even need a Frsky Radio for to use it as you can pair it up with an XJT Module and use with any Transmitter of your Wish (Need JR port though )


How it Works:

         It works in a similar way how a Betaflight Simulator works actually which is a combination of F4/F7 Flight Controller + Reciever. Betaflight has released this Feature from BF3.4 which utilizes STlibrary and STM Processor of the flight controller to convert the Sbus signal from the receiver to a HID (Human Interface Device) Joystick device when Flight Controller is connected to PC with USB  cable. The wiring and requirements are much simpler in XSR-SIM and that is what exactly makes it the best Game Controller Gear.

       XSR-SIM has a built-in receiver (D16 Mode). The name itself suggests it follows the XSR receiver which is based on the STM32F1 processor. There are other Frsky receivers based on the STM processor, But they are all too old. The XSR is their latest in the series to use STM processor. Perhaps it may be developed from the schematics of some other Frsky receivers. But one thing is sure, it uses STM32 Processor. It is designed in a way that it utilizes the STM32 Chip of the receiver to incorporate USB HID (Human Interface Device)  Joystick library so it doesn’t need extra flight controller to act as HID Joystick Device. So in simple words it is a minimized version of Flight controller + Receiver Combo.

       You just need to create a Model in the Taranis or Horus Radio and bind the XSR-SIM dongle with it in D16 Mode to make it a Game Controller. We will be covering How to setup the XSR-SIM and Updating the Firmwares in the next Firmware as well as a tear view of explanation.


         Size:- 48.2 x 19.1 x 9.2mm

       Weight:- 6.2g

       Power Requirement:- Around 55mA at 5v

       Compatibility Mode:- D16

       Support Upto 8 Channels



 For the same reason it has a built-in receiver, it comes in LBT and EU versions.  So make sure you choose the right one for your radio if you are planning to buy one.  Also, there are firmware released for the Dongle and you can download it from here https://www.frsky-rc.com/xsr-sim/


  • No more long USB cable strung between your PC and Horus or Taranis Radio
  • Not Inconvenient like running a USB Cable
  • Lower Latency compared to Betaflight Simulators because it makes use of only 8 Channels


  • The Battery in your Taranis or Horus Radio will drain Much faster than compared to USB connected Setup (It is Transmitting power output, But you can turn off Internal and External Module when connecting via USB Cable)
  • Will need to update the firmware of the dongle when upgrading Firmware of the Radio
  • There is no ACCESS firmware released by the Frsky for the XSR-SIM. Hence it cannot be used with the latest Frsky Transmitters running ACCESS protocol

Where to Buy:  https://www.horusrc.com/en/frsky-xsr-sim.html?acc=7395