We have previously discussed about the FrSky X9D, X9D Plus, QX7, QX7S and recently the X-Lite transmitters from FrSky but we have left out the most premium offering from FrSky - the FrSky Horus 12S (X12S). In this article, we will look into a short overview review and specs of the Horus X12S and see if it is worth the 499$ price tag.

 Initial Impressions

For the hefty price you are paying for this premium radio, FrSky does make it worthwhile with the full-on metal carry suitcase for the radio. This thing is so solid you can probably put your radio inside and kick the case around without damaging anything. Kidding! Of course, don’t try that (unless you don’t mind taking risks).

You also get a premium neckstrap (which you will definitely require for using this radio!) and a charging brick to charge the internal 2000mAh battery inside the radio.

 The first thing you notice while picking up this radio is how hefty it is! It weighs almost 1KG! That is ridiculously heavier than the other radios we are used to, like the X9D or the QX7. The reason for this is obvious, unlike the other radios, this one is made up of CNC aluminium which obviously is heavier than the plastic on other radios.


The build quality of this product is just amazing. The metal chassis, retro-style sliders and knobs and the big form factor really throws off the premium vibe at anyone looking at it.


The display is a full-colour display (not a touch screen) and looks really great and is also visible even under direct sunlight which is great because you don’t want to find shade during a sunny flying session just to look at the screen.


The FrSky Horus 12S is a big radio, even larger than the X9D from FrSky. It has a similar shape to the QX7 but is wider, taller and heavier than it as well.

The ergonomics is good for pitchers but may not be that great for thumbers but it totally depends on your personal liking.

The sticks are AMAZING! The quality of the six-bearing hall-effect gimbals with its perfect machining and smoothness makes sure you get the best of the best when it comes to your control sticks and nothing less is expected from the most premium radio from FrSky.

What I particularly like about the radio is the two vertical sliders on the front. I’m not sure what I would use it for but it looks slick and the smoothness and tension is perfect - for whatever it is that you want to use it for. Just like the QX7, the FrSky Horus 12S also has 4 mains switches with 3 pots as well. So that is something that has been inspired by the QX7 lineup.


 The radio is similar to any other FrSky radio other than the fancy physical experience and the added colour display. So the feature list is expected to be the same as well.

● Audio Speech Outputs

● Full telemetry and real-time data logging

● Antenna detection and SWR warning

● Integrated GPS module and 6-axis sensor (3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerator)

● All CNC 6 ball bearings gimbals with accuracy hall sensor and extensible by stick ends

● Safe power switch with integrated strap base

● Two types of trainer ports

● Inbuilt wireless trainer system

● 6 position encoder for easier flight modes switch

● FrSky FrOS operation system

● MP3 Player

● Industrial High-Resolution TFT Screen Readable Outdoor

● Internal and External Antenna selectable

 Is it worth it?

My personal take - no. You are paying a lot of money for basically looking/design over function. Sure, the colour display is enticing and the full metal body seems marvellous, but let us face it, the heft of the radio and the fact that if you drop it, you might dent the aluminium chassis makes you think twice and well it cost 499$ which is a whopping lot of money for a radio - event though it comes in a fancy radio. In comparison, an X9D Plus SE just cost a little over 200$ for about the same feature except for the display and the metal body. But if being fancy is your game - go for it! You can’t go wrong with it anyway, the materials and quality are top-notch and it'll probably last you years to come.