All  stations come with their internal frsky modules as standard as that of the rest of the station brands, but we can also find various external  modules for our Frsky stations with different functionalities as well as we can find Frsky modules for other brands and so on. be able to use them with our Frsky receivers .

One of these modules that I could try is the Frsky module for Futaba / hitec with which I was able to take advantage of my old Futaba to start in the world of FPV drones until I could change to a beautiful Taranis X9D plus camo .

In my case it was a Futaba but there are modules for Hitec Graumper and some brand more so we can enjoy recipients excellent FRSKY with all the features that give us our old station, or to try some form without take out a large amount of money to see if we like it as was my case.

With the stations of the Taranis series we also have the advantage of being able to use the internal and external module simultaneously, which gives us a large number of channels, all programmable and an infinity of possibilities.

One of the Frsky modules that we can find is the R9M very suitable for practicing the long range mode since it gives us a great range and is also compatible with Jr. format transmitters.


This Frsky module gives us a range of up to 10 km with its R9 receiver, it works at a frequency of 868 - 900 Mhz and has a Smart Port telemetry port, which supports the connection of telemetry sensors or data transmissions.

This module also has a connector XC11 to connect an auxiliary battery because otherwise it would be too much battery consumption for our station and we would take very little time and so to extend our flight time.

The module FrSky R9M is the first long - range system operating in the 868 MHz frequency compared to other receiver as L9R has an operating range of more long, besides the R9 is a redundancy receiver connectable to Trio receptor to ensure the safety of our model.

It is a fully upgradeable module through its smart port and thus be able to take advantage of the new advances that Frsky may be taking out .

In addition we can also find the R9M lite module for our small stations of the Taranis X lite series with which we can also enjoy its benefits with our little ones.

For our Taranis X lite we can also find the 2.4 GHz Frsky XJT module  like the previous ones, this module allows us to fly with receivers with different protocols such as D8 and LR12, if we have the new Frsky ACCESS system with this module we can fly practically all tinys on the market.

This Frsky module has low latency and high precision thanks to the improved interface and high speed data transmission and the fact of working with an external module also helps us in the range.

The module FRSKY XJT also can find for broadcasters size but big on the JR or type Graupner and so enjoy all the advantages offered by this module with these stations.

In the wide variety of modules we FRSKY we can also find the module FRSKY DJT series to stations Taranis and support modules of the JR or type Turnigy .

This is a bidirectional communication module between the receiver and the transmitter, The receiver is capable of accepting 2 analog inputs that can be used to monitor battery voltage, temperature sensor, fuel, etc. , and transfer them to the transmitter, users They can adjust the alarm level of these analog voltages, when it exceeds or falls below these the audible alarm is emitted. The receiver is capable of accepting serial data streams from simple 3-wire RS232 port, GPS information, altitude and user developed data can be transferred to Tx without error.

We also have DJT modules that are more dedicated to using the large number of Frsky receiver models or converting our old station into a modern station with a 2.4 GHz system and is compatible with various brands such as Futaba , or Hitec that are 2 of the brands that were used the most a few years ago.