Since this is the holiday season, you need to find out some fun, unique gift ideas for your family members. These days, drones have become a very popular gift item. However, the high-quality drones are quite expensive, while the cheap ones don’t offer reliable performance.

If you are in that situation right now, I have great news for you.FrSky, one of the leading Model RC toys manufacturers, has released a brand new quadcopter that is really affordable and delivers a solid performance.

In today’s post, I will introduce you to this excellent quadcopter and tell you why this could be the best Christmas gift this year.


I am talking about the FrSky Apus MQ60. This is a mini quadcopter that will be a great choice for any racing enthusiast. It comes with a special FrSky flight controller that supports both automatic and manual binding for the compatible transmitters. You don’t have to worry about any parameter adjustment, which means you can start flying the quadcopter only by binding it with the transmitter.

Thanks to the minimalist design and only 20g of weight, you can easily carry the quadcopter to anywhere you want. The powerful 615 brushed motor and the 31mm four-blade propellers will ensure a smooth flying experience.

As the quadcopter is available in two colors, you can choose either the light gray or sky blue version.


In most cases, budget-friendly quadcopters feature a poor build quality. They tend to very fragile and break up with the slightest obstacle. But that will not be the case with the Apus MQ60. It offers all the necessary security features like the strong motor protection system and the solid frame to keep the device flying in any indoor environment.

There is a built-in FPV camera to let you take pictures from the above. And you can use the video transmitter feature to check out a live video transmission while the quadcopter is on the air. However, you will need a video receiver equipment to enjoy the live video.

It comes with a powerful 200mAh Li-Po battery that will keep the device flying for five minutes on a single charge. There is a handy LED indicator that will turn green when charging and turn off once the battery is fully recharged.

The quadcopter arrives in a nice storage box that will protect the device from being damaged during the shipping process. It will also serve as a nest for your quadcopter when you are not flying the device.

The package includes the FrSky Apus MQ60, the battery, USB charger, and an instruction manual. The manual offers step-by-step guidelines for attaching the propellers, installing the battery, binding the device, and using the various available features.


You have several options to buy the FrSky Apus MQ60. Check out the following sites to get the best price for this awesome quadcopter –

  • HorusRC
  • Amazon


Now that you have the FrSky Apus MQ60, you don’t need to spend big for a drone. This quadcopter offers all the necessary features in an attractive price range.

So, what do you think about the Apus MQ60? Which features do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below.