In this article, we are becoming to match the FrSky New Protocol - ACCESS and ACCST Frsky Protocols and to hunt out If it's really worth to upgrade your radio. If you are a Frsky user within the past few years, then you almost certainly may have come around the term ACCST, which stands for Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology which is that the protocol employed by Frsky within their Radios in the past few years. FrSky has now recently released a newer Protocol, the ACCESS protocol, which stands for Advanced Communication Control Elevated Spread Spectrum that only supports the newly Released Taranis and Horus Radios. Let us dig a bit deeper and see what all these protocols are and what it means to your flying and gear.

What is a Protocol

Before we get into FrSky New Protocol - ACCESS, we first need to understand what exactly is a protocol and how does it differs from Firmware and so, the best understand this is as follows.

The firmware could also be a bit of code or program that runs within the Transmitters and Receivers which is what it enables to talk with each other. Where Protocol may be a set of rules for data exchange or communication. A firmware alone cannot allow these Transmitters and receivers to speak with one another, but rather, it requires a protocol which will control How and when these devices should communicate.

Each manufacturer uses different Firmwares and Protocols in their Transmitters and Receivers which is what makes them unique. A protocol is often referred to as the key or a password in communication between a Radio and its receiver and anyone who can decrypt the protocol can replicate or Design such receivers because the Firmwares are already available in their Authorized Websites. For an equivalent reason, Manufactures encrypt or add security layers so as to guard their protocol against 3rd Party to steal it and style compatible receivers for such transmitters.

The ACCST Protocol

ACCST Frsky protocol stands for Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology Frsky may be a very old protocol employed by Frsky in their Taranis and Horus Radios like Qx7, X9d, etc. It was used from the D8, D16 and LR12 Modes to Bind with the Receivers. So you've got to settle on these modes and sometimes it'll be frustrating to seek out out which mode is required to bind with the Radio.

The maximum number of Channels that ACCST can output is 16 in Sbus and eight in CPPM Mode. The ACCST protocol has been reverse-engineered by 3rd Party Developers to form compatible Receivers which is why you have receivers from other brand and why you'll see there are several 3rd Party Frsky Receivers even integrated with Tiny Whoop Flight Controllers. Is that Why Frsky has come up with the newest ACCESS Protocol to stop third parties from making Frsky Compatible Receivers? Or are there other worthy Benefits within the new Protocol?

The ACCESS Protocol

The ACCESS protocol is that the latest Protocol released by the Frsky for his or her Newly Released Radios Like Xlite Pro, X9 Lite, XD9 Plus 2019, etc. The ACCESS protocol stands for Advanced Communication Control Elevated Spread Spectrum and it comes with many amazing features and improved performance that make it very tempting to upgrade the radio. We are becoming to debate the features one by one below.

More Number of Channels

The total number of Channels that the old ACCST protocol can output in Sbus is 16, But the newer ACCESS protocol has an output of 24 Full Range Channels in Sbus. albeit People Don’t use quite 10 Channels in most scenarios.

Improved Latency

Latency is that the short delay in reaching the signal from one point to a different and therefore the delay in processing the signal by the receiver. albeit it's going to be only a couple of ms, But it matters tons in Drone Racing where quick responses and sudden Maneuvers are performed. Therefore, Each Milliseconds counts in Drone Racing and you would like the minimum latency as possible.

Latency Increases when the quantity of Outputting Channels increases. that's why most users limit the number of channels within the radio settings to 10 or 8 countings on the amount of Auxillary Channels they require. ACCESS Firmware has the minimum latency in comparison to ACCST Firmware. Below you'll find the typical Latency compared to the ACCST Frsky Protocol and therefore the latency results are really Amazing.



Average Latency

(8 Channel)

Average Latency

(16 Channel)

Average Latency

(24 Channel)

X-lite Pro ACCESS




Qx7 FCC (with Heartbeat) ACCST




Qx7 FCC without Heartbeat ACCST





Smart Match

Smart Match feature is the Wireless Binding of Receivers to the radio without pressing the F/S Button. Binding your model to your transmitter is now safer than ever before. Once a Reciever is Registered to a Radio, you'll wirelessly bind the receiver without ever touching it. you simply need to register the receiver for the first time, which is analogous to Binding the Reciever. But once you almost certainly did it, you'll bind the receiver again and again without ever touching the receiver again.

OTA or Over-The-Air Update may be a tremendous feature that permits you to wirelessly update or upgrade the firmware within the receiver and you don’t need to bind it again with pressing the F/S Button. Now Firmware updation within the Radio has been easier than ever before.

Spectrum Analyzer

With the FrSky New Protocol - ACCESS protocol, are now able to use your transmitter to survey the airwaves, which can measure your signal strength in your area. The ACCESS Spectrum Analyzer allows the user to measure the floor noise, and distortion of the frequencies around so you may choose the right frequency to transmit on.

Advanced Encryption Algorithm

Frsky claims that with the new ACCESS protocol, higher encryption will provide more peace of mind that your model signal won't be interfered with. But is it going to be to able to stop 3rd Party Developers from Making Frsky Compatible Receivers?


The FrSky New Protocol - ACCESS Firmware has more advanced and funky features that make everything more simple and user friendly and hence could be worth upgrading your ACCST radio to the newer ACCESS ones. But it'd have tons easier if Frsky could release ACCESS firmware for the ACCST Frsky Transmitters but might not be possible due to hardware incompatibility issues.