The FrSky QX7 Transmitter is an awesome radio that is suitable for newcomers to the hobby as well as the veterans and professionals flying around their drones. With a great set of features, you get a good quality radio at an affordable rate. But of course, like any product, there is always room to improve or change to make it more useful or more personal to you.

This article will go through a few pointers of such mods that you can do on your FrSky QX7 Transmitter.


Battery Mod

This is undoubtedly one of the most useful and probably a must-do mod when you receive your QX7 Radio since the radio, unfortunately, does not come with batteries included, although you do get 18650 battery tray with the latest batch of FrSky Taranis QX7.

If you are planning to use the 18650 battery tray, get yourself some good high capacity 18650 cells, like from Panasonic or Sony or LG and just pop them in, you are set to go just like that. Easy peasy!

In case you are looking to go through the harder road, fitting LiPo inside, that is also pretty much straight forward, just get yourself a 2 or 3S LiPo and connect a 2S balance to its end and connect it to the radios power supply connector.

If you are using a 2S pack, this is easy, just plug-and-play. But in case you are using a 3S, you will need to make a 2S conversion wire to plug into the battery connector of the radio.

In any case, you will need to take out the battery to charge as the radio does not have an in-built charging circuit.


Gimbal Upgrade - M7

The regular Taranis QX7 comes with normal potentiometer based gimbals which are - meh, okay-ish. These can wear out over time and your stick precision will be lost and a bit rough - not great for racers who require utmost precision and reliability.

This is why FrSky has come out with the M7 gimbals for the QX7. These gimbals are similar to the M9 upgrade gimbals for the X9D.

The M7 gimbals have hall-effect based sensor in replacement for the potentiometer gimbals in the stock gimbal. These are much more reliable and precise over time than its counterpart due to the lack of friction.

To make this upgrade, all you need to do is open up your radio, remove the 4 gimbal screws, detach the gimbal wiring and replace it with the M7 gimbal, and reattach the gimbal wire and screws. That’s it! It is recommended to do a gimbal calibration on your radio after you have swapped out the gimbals, for more accuracy.


Custom Hyderodipped Shells

The best way to personalize your radio would be with custom decals or a custom shell. This is a sure stand way to help you stand out from the crowd by showing off your cool new radio or decals.

In a previous article, we have discussed how to do exactly this, by opening up, disassembling your radio and replacing your stock white or black QX7 shell with sexy looking custom shells that you can purchase online or make yourself.

Do check out my article on the same from the above link, it is pretty cool once you make this upgrade ;)



Don’t you find it annoying that your radio has to lie flat on its back while you are troubleshooting something or the laziness that comes with picking up a laid back radio - urgh! We have all been there.

This is where the transmitter kickstand comes in. Just like the side kickstand on your bike, this radio kickstand is a metallic (or 3D printer/plastic)  stand that attaches to the back handle of your radio which allows you to keep it in an angle and even helps you hold on to the radio (but then you already have a handle on the radio :P )

These kickstands usually go for about 15$, which is kinda expensive in my opinion but you can always 3D print one yourself and save money, just like its shown below.


Stick Ends & Switch Nuts

Another cool item to add to your radio is gimbal stick ends and switch nuts. The switch nuts are practically just for show (I mean who wouldn’t want to show off ;) ) but the stick ends would serve purpose by providing you with better stick grip with sharper stick ends or you can use a lotus style stick end which gives you more surface area, perfect for long-range flights and freestyling.

You can learn more about FrSky Switch Nuts from my previous article.


In this FrSky QX7 Transmitter Must do Mods we have seen the most important and cool mods that you definitely should do once you get your hands on the radio, especially the battery mod - can’t miss that one and of course, adding bling to your radio with custom shells and switch nuts!