In this article, we will check two of the most popular radios FrSky provides and checks which one would be a better fit for you - FrSky QX7 vs X9D. FrSky radios are quite popular and with a large variety of offerings from them, it is quite tempting to get a FrSky radio without blinking. So which one should you pick from the plethora of options of radio FrSky gives to us the customers?


Reasons to get the QX7 and the X9D

Let us get straight into the pros of both the FrSky QX7 and X9D and then, later on, look into it a bit deeper.

Reasons to get the FrSky QX7

  • Similar functionality to Taranis X9D (runs the same OpenTX firmware) at a lower price
  • Better buttons for menu navigation
  • Slightly more ergonomic design with rubber grips at the back (overall Q X7 is the same size as the X9D)
  • Available in black or white as standard
  • Speaker does not have annoying buzzing sound common on many X9D radios
  • Similar range to X9D radios
  • Has a self-centering throttle stick (like DJI remotes) which is both a good and a bad thing depending on what you are using this radio for. It can be changed, however.

The QX7 is very cheap and yet it offers all the features you could possibly need to fly a mini quad or a plane including wings. That being said, it is not the perfect radio but is definitely one of the best value for money radios you can get your hands on.

The circular select job wheel is one of my favorite parts of the QX7, it makes moving around the menu and settings so much easier than the button on the X9D. It is of decent quality as well so there is little to no ‘skipping’ of selections when you move it too quickly.

FrSky offers two versions for the QX7, the basic one at around 100$, and then the upgraded QX7S. The QX7S provides you with Hall-effect gimbals, charging port, carry case, and few more small bits. Honestly, the QX7S is objectively a better product than the QX7 if you can spare the extra money but the price is quite close to the X9D, so you might want to have a good look at them before deciding.


Reasons to get the X9D

  • Higher-resolution screen with adjustable backlight color
  • Includes a bigger battery with a built-in charging circuitry
  • Can use a 3S Lipo battery instead of the stock battery
  • Includes SD card as standard (QX7 does not include this)
  • Tried and trusted design with loads more documentation, hacks, and mods available
  • More buttons for custom functions
  • 2x extra sliders on the sides (QX7 does not have any sliders)
  • Better USB port placement for use with PC simulators

As mentioned previously, the X9D comes with a lot of perks and functions even when compared to the QX7.

The X9D Plus comes with an internal NiMH 200mAh battery with an internal charging circuit.

Another great point with the X9D is that it does not need any mods to work with the Team Black Sheep CrossFire JR Module. The QX7 requires an intricate mod to make it work with the crossfire system. This is not the case for the R9M module though, it works with all FrSky radios without any modification.

The X9D also comes with a bigger display than the QX7 which is quite useful as you can easily see all the options in the display without being too congested but the switches are not as great to use as much as the circular jog wheel on the QX7.

A great point of the X9D is that it comes with an in-build SD card that is pre-loaded with OpenTX files including audio. You can update these contents to the latest version of OpenTX when you require it.

You can buy the X9D(Plus) from HorusRC


Conclusion - Which one should I go for FrSky QX7 vs X9D?

It is not possible to go wrong with either of these great radio transmitters. Both of them have been updated to the latest ACCESS protocol by FrSky so that is a great point as well.

The QX7 is cheaper and does almost all of the things done by the X9D as well but at a lower and more affordable price point.
The ergonomics is totally personal and I feel the QX7 has better ergonomics partly due to the rubber grip on the back.

If there are any features like the extra sliders and switches that you really require for your builds, go for the X9D else, if you are going to use this mainly for mini quads and have a lower budget, go for the QX7. In the end, its a personal choice, and your best bet would be to go to a hobby area and feel both radios in your hands and then make the decision between FrSky QX7 vs X9D.