Thank you for purchasing FrSky R-XSR full dúplex telemetry receiver. In order to fully enjoy the  benefits of this system,please  read the instruction manual carefully and set up the decive as described below.



  • Dimension:16*11*5.4mm(LxWxH)
  • Weight:1.5g
  • Number of Channels:16Ch(1-16ch from SBUSchannel,1-8ch from CPPM cannel)
  • Operating Voltage Range:3.5V-10V
  • Operating  Current:[email protected]
  • Operating range: Full range
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Compatibility:FrSky X-series module&radios in D16 mode


  • Smart port enabled,
  • SBUS/CPPM output (BLUE LED stay lit indicates R-XSR in SBUS mode, otherwise in CPPMmode). How to switch SBUS and CPPM signal: long press the F/S button on the receiver for4 seconds, the BLUE  LED will flash three times, indicating the switch is completed.
  • R-XSR supports  the redundancy function for the master and slave receivers. The master receiver receives SBUS signal from the slave receiver. The master receiver can be R-XSR  and the slave receiver can   be  receiver with SBUS output (for example,FrSky X8R,X6R,

      G-RX8, X4RSB, XSR, XM, XM+, R-XSR, L9R, etc).

Note : Make sure  telemetry is disabled on the slave receiver whe the slave   is  FrSky  X series receiver. XM+is recommended as the slave receiver.


Smart port (S.Port) is a signal wire full dúplex digital transmission interface developed by FrSky Electronic Co., Ltd. All products enabled with Smart Port (including XJT module, XSR,X6R and X8R receiver, new hub-less sansors,new Smart Dashboard,etc…),serial port user input/output devices can be connected without limitations for numbers or sequences at a high transmission speed.

1.1 For  Taranis X9D/X9D Plus/X9E and Taranis Q X7,turn on the radio, go to the  MENU- MODEL SETUP-PAGE 2,choose Internal or  External RF , and select BIND.

1.2 For Horus X12S/X10,Turn on  the radio,go to the RF SYSTEM,

Choose internal or External RF, and select BIND  under STATE,

                  1                                                                                      2



1.3For transmitter RFmodule(XJT as an example), turn on the radio whilw holding the FS button on the module, release the button and the RED LED on XJT module flash.

2.Connect battery to the receiver while holding the F/S button on the receiver, the RED LED flashing indicates binding successfully.

3.Reboot the receiver and go back to normal Mode  of transmitter RF. Green LED constan ton indicates linking normally. The receiver/transmitter module binding will not have to be repeated,unless one of the two is replaced.

Note: After binding procedure is completed, power on the radio and the receiver and check if the receiver is really under control by linked transmitter.

Note :For  Horus X12S/X10,you can enable/disable telemetry and set

cannel Output for R-XSR in RF SYSTEM page

Range Check

A pre-flight ranger check should be done before each flying sesión.reflections from nearby metal fences , concrete buildings or tres can cause loss of signal both during range check and during the flight. Under Range Check Mode,the RF power would be decreased and range distancie to 1/30—1/10 that of Normal Model.about 30 meters.

  1. Place the model at least 60cm (two feet) above non-metal contaminated ground(e.g.on a wooden bench). The receiver antena should be in vertical position.
  2. For Taranis X9D/X9D Plus/X9E and Taranis Q X7,turn on the radio and the receiver , go to: MODEL SETUP/Internal RF /Range.
  3. For Horus X12S/X10, turn on the radio and the receiver,go to: MOL/RF SYSTEM/INTERNAL RF(ON) STATE(Range).
  4. For transmitter RF module, please refer to its manual.



Failsafe is a useful feature which is for a preset cannel output position whenever control signa lis lost for a period.

Follow the steps to set  Failsafe for channels necessary:

Failsafe for receiver supprting D16 RF mode setting can be set via radio interface, which support no pulse, hold and custom three modes for each  cannel.

1.For Taranis X9D/X9D Plus/X9E and Taranis Q X7, turn on the  radio, go to: MODEL  SETUP/Internal RF/Failsafe.

2. For Horus X12S/X10, Turn on the radio, go to : MOL/FAILSAFE

                      1                                                                                2


3.Failsafe can be set on receiver via short press F/S button while moving cannel position to a preset value  after binding.

Note :failsafe setting via for cannel output position just for D16 RF mode,and failsafe setting via transmitter has higher priority to setting  via receiver. A reasonable Failsafe setting can decrease falling risk and damage.

Much  more operation and instruction please refer to radio manual.