When flying FPV long range it’s important to have radio connection that outlasts your video transmitter. 2.4Ghz has range up to 1.5+ miles, but sometimes you need more. That’s where the FrSky 900MHz R9 Series comes into play. Each model in the series is designed to work with FrSky radios without fuss. Models in the FrSky line-up:



  1. R9M
  2. R9M Lite


  1. R9
  2. R9 Slim
  3. R9 Slim+
  4. R9 Mini

 R9M - This full size XJT module features 4 switchable power settings (10mW, 100mW, 500mW and 1000mW). The R9M also has an external power XT30 input (4-12V max, Do not use a 3S lipo, it may fry it).  

R9M Lite - This is the new module format that FrSky is bringing to the RC game. There’s no more need for large XJT modules when you have tiny radios like FrSky’s new Taranis X-Lite. Limited to 100mW, it still has telemetry capabilities.



R9 - This is 900MHz receiver is Smart Port enabled for full telemetry transmission and features an analog RSSI output for OSD readouts. 8 PWM channels makes it perfect for large projects that need a lot of channels and it can be bound with another R9 to be used as a backup redundancy receiver. That means you can hook up another R9 receiver to act as a backup if the first were to fail.



R9 Slim - This is a slimmer 900MHz receiver and is also Smart Port enabled for full telemetry transmission. Weighing in at 4.3 grams, this receiver has 4 PWM channels and full telemetry Smart Port. It also boasts an analog RSSI.




R9 Slim+ - Like the R9 Slim but made to work with the inverted signals required from many F4 flight control boards.



R9 Mini - The smallest and lightest R9 receiver from FrSky, weighing in at a mear 1.1 grams. This tiny receiver has full telemetry and RSSI out through Smart Port. It features 4 PWM channels so it can be used in wings as well on multirotors with S.Bus or F.Port.  FrSky has also added the redundancy function to this as well. It also features the redundancy function.



In conclusion, FrSky has a growing line of R9 products to come. The compatibility and support from FrSky make this 900MHz system the ideal choice for anyone looking to get into long range. Features like telemetry and redundancy function help with reliability and peace of mind. With a low latency of about 9ms, there’s no need to use anything else.