r9m module?

In this tutorial i’m going to explain how to setup the R9M module and a frsky R9mm receiver in Betaflight. First we should know that the R9M is a long range module that works on the 900MHz band, this module is compatible with most Frsky transmitters.


Comparison with the r9 mini receiver


Frsky released the frsky r9mm receiver that It’s basically the R9 Mini receiver, with the Sbus pin and not the inverted s_port how the r9 mini.

It’s the go-to RX for F4 flight controller users, because you don’t have to worry about to invert the signal anymore. For F3 controllers and F7 users it really doesn’t make a difference.

Update OpenTX

Is recommendable to update the OpenTX firmware on your Taranis before using the R9M module.

It’s specially if you want to use the “FLEX” firmware because you need to use OpenTX version from 2.2.3 or newer.

Which Firmware you have to Use?

There are the Normal firmware, and the new Flex firmware.

The Flex firmware offers the following benefits:

You can switch the frequency in the radio setting between FCC (915MHz) and EU-LBT (868MHz), but you have to change the frequency on the frsky r9mm too.

Note that you will need to do that normally, but it’s just convenient, say if you travel to another country with your quad.

It also allows maximum power up to 1W, and now you will get the telemetry on all  the power levels, that’s probably the best feature for pilots that need info.

Firmware Flashing

For flash the frsky r9mm Put ON your Taranis, go to Radio Setup menu (long press the Menu button). Press the Page button once to go to the SD Card page, and find the folder named “Firmware”.

You should have to see the firmware file you just copied here. 

Hold down the Enter button, you should get a list of options, choose “Flash Ext. Module”

You don’t have to select “Flash internal module”, your 2.4GHz module will stop working! If unfortunately you did this, you can fix this by flashing the internal module using the XJT firmware.

Update Receiver Firmware

For update the receiver you only have to connect to the transmitter the frsky r9mm with sbus, 5v and gnd wires and search the firmware to flash it how smartport or external module.

The FPort firmware allows you to use FPort, instead of SBUS and SmartPort. You don’t have to flash the fport if you are going to use the sbus.

Taranis Setup

  • On your Taranis, go to Model Setup page
  • Turn OFF “Internal RF Mode“
  • Under External RF, Mode, Choose R9M


According to your region, you have to select FCC / 915 MHz or EU-BLT / 868MHz and you have to put the same firmware region on the frsky r9mm.

You can also change the power level between: 10mW, 100mW, 500mW and 1W.

The high the power, the less battery duration you will get. You have to remember, the range is only double as power is increased 4 times in theory. When you are using 1W power you should plug in an external 2S LiPo at the back of the module.

For the R9M lite module, you might see higher power options in the menu, but this module is specially created for maximum 100mW, if you want to use more power, you have to use the frsky r9m lite pro. Setting it to higher power won’t do anything. So don’t do it for nothing.

Finally, you need to set Failsafe to your desired option, the best option is “no pulses”.

Here i show you the mah draw depending on the power.

R9M 10mW 170mAh

R9M 100mW 210mAh

R9M 500mW 320mAh

R9M 1W 370mAh (without external battery)

Receiver and FC Connection

The wiring setup on the flight controller depends on the port that the pilot want to use, you can choose between fport and sbus.

I normally use sbus because it’s so easy to build and configure.

Here is one example:


It’s highly recommended to put the receiver between the stack or on the bottom of the drone, you will get better signal without the vtx interferences.