Frsky radio control Origins

 - Frsky radio control It is a fairly new company since it has been founded relatively recently since research advances very quickly in electronics matters, it was created in 2010 as a company focused on the research and development of electronic components and is a One of the most prestigious brands dedicated to radio control devices, it produces both controllers (transmitters) and receivers.  


Frsky radio control transmitters

 -The or radio transmitters FRSKY are currently the most used due to its many options and great value for money, you can compete without any problems with other brands name and much more ancient smoothly and even surpassing them in ease of operation features and a diversity of customization options and in shapes and colors, there are emitters in many shapes and sizes.

  -Currently FRSKY radio control transmitter is the brand more used not only for fans who have radio control by hobbies but is also the most used in the most high competition for its good reliability and efficiency.


Most popular Frsky transmitters

Taranis X9D

-The Taranis X9D is one of the most used, especially its evolution, the X9D plus, which has some improvements over its previous model, has many possibilities and is one of the most used by pilots.

-This station, due to its great configuration capacity and flight modes, is the one currently used by more pilots since it offers us great quality at a very good price that allows us to use it to control any radio control model.


Taranis X lite

 -The Taranis X lite is another very particular model of FRSKY radio control for its design and its small size makes it very suitable for carriage in travesias long or to start the more small feel very comfortable with it.

 Taranis X9

 - We also have another intermediate model as the Taranis X9 which is between the other two being a bit more larger than the X lite and a little more smaller than the X9D but also with very good performance, being a little more expensive than the previous turning in a very good option for those who want to start and do not know if they would like this world.

 Frsky Horus

 - The other model more popular we can find it is the FRSKY Horus becomes the flagship station FRSKY   and the more high performance for riders more demanding, with the Horus X12S his last and most powerful version even has GPS , a large color screen and even an mp3 player.

 Receivers Frsky radio control

  -In Frsky radio control also have a wide range of receivers of various shapes and sizes, at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and others have the possibility of telemetry receivers which is a very handy tool.

 Traditional Frsky receivers

 - We have very capable traditional receivers for both electric airplanes glow or strong and large RC aircraft fuel, I personally have several planes gasonina acrovaticos and not risk a transmitter or receiver of the that I would not trust in all of them mount a Frsky receiver .

 Frsky mini receivers

- Also we can find receivers more small they are ideal for electric RC aircraft cork or small as well as gliders and helicopters, I personally these also usually use at some RC car


Frsky micro receivers

- Then we receptors more modern micro mini that are ideal for mounting drones from the drone largest recording until tinys through powerful drones racer who are to abitualmente have a very limited space for installation of all its components.

Modules FRSKY radio control

 - Frsky radio control also has a very varied selection of modules for our transmitters of this brand as well as other transmitters compatible with other brands that can usually be installed without problems, they are usually installed in stations that emit at frequencies of 35 GHz to transform them into stations that broadcast in 2.4 GHZ.              

 Frsky accessories

 -Apart from all these devices that we have seen previously in Frsky radio control we also have various accessories such as transport cases, custom housings, higher quality guimbals and endless spare parts for almost any part that we need from our transmitters.


Community FRSKY radio control

- One of the advantages FRSKY radio control is the great community there with this mark can find many forums and video tutorials parapoder solve any doubt you have.

 Valuation staff Frsky radio control

 - After many years of experience in radio control and testing many brands, Frsky radio control seems to me today the most complete brand in both transmitters, receivers, accessories and especially in performance and reliability, I have not lost any device due to failure of reception.