- Frsky is a brand of radio control stations that is quite new compared to others that have been on the market for many more years but has quickly managed to position itself among the most prestigious and used in the RC world.

- Frsky was founded in 2010 as a research and development oriented company, committed to the application of innovative technology in the manufacturing and development of electronic products.

- Frsky focuses on the production and distribution of electronic products and software dedicated to remote control systems and intelligent control systems , such as transmitters, receivers, transmission modules , flight controllers and all kinds of products dedicated to radio control and various areas. telecommunications.

-In this article we are going to focus on Frsky radio control radios , commenting on some of their characteristics and innovations that they have compared to other brands dedicated to this sector.

- FRSKY radios focuses on two series that will analyze which are the series Taranis is the one that has a catalog more comprehensive and Horus series that has less variety but the radios FRSKY of more high - end.

Frsky Taranis series radios

-This series of Frsky radios is the one that has the cheapest stations but not for that reason of poor quality, much less bad characteristics, they have a very competitive price quality.

 Taranis X9D

-This is a traditional format station and it is one of the most widely used in its various versions, they have a very powerful and open Open Tx software that allows us to update it so as not to be left behind with the new components that Frsky radios are developing .

- FRSKY radios taranis X9D are a wonderful option because they transmit at 2.4 Ghz which is very practical because it is virtually impossible to interfere with other drivers or vice versa as happened with other forms of transmission more ancient.

-These stations have 8 SWITCHES , dor spinners two sliders and their versions more modern with a button for specific functions we might need on our RC appliance and all are freely set them up according to our tastes or needs.

-This model of Frsky radio has a large backlit screen that allows us a good navigation through its extensive menu of configuration functions.

His version more easily was one of the most sold, then came improved versions as X9D plus or X9D Plus you can choose from several colors or have effects and mechanisms of sticks improved.

-One thing that is very good is that you can find many accessories and especially spare parts for any part that can be damaged from a switch to the motherboard.


Taranis QX7

-This model is the middle brother of Taranis X9D but no worse station, if it is true that it has some control unless your heman higher but is highly recommended especially for those drivers who are starting.

- This Frsky radio in a square format also has an Open Tx system , transmits in 2.4 Ghz and has 6 switches and 2 wheels, all fully configurable to our liking as in its older brother, and also has a backlit screen quite a good size.

Taranis X lite

-This FRSKY Radio becomes the herm small series ana Taranis has a very innovative format and reduced the HACD a very practical station for easy storage and transportation, design and size also make it very suitable for most small since it makes it much easier for them to reach the controls.

-This station has 4 switches and 2 sliders, as usual it transmits in 2.4 Ghz and also has the Open Tx software , a very well incorporated screen and adequate for its size with quite comfortable controls to navigate through its menu.

-This model can also be found in various colors and some improved versions such as the X lite pro, and the X lite S, and allowing us up to 24 CH.

-These stations also allow us the option of being able to incorporate different transmission modules such as the R9M or the crosfire for different types of piloting such as long range . 

Frsky Horus series radios

 - This is the number of radios FRSKY of more high - end and maximum performance for riders more demanding, these radios have 24 CH and software FROS / Open Tx added in this series have 2 outstanding models:

Horus X10

-This station is of a traditional format and has 8 switches, 2 sliders and 3 wheels, all freely assignable and a large color LCD screen that is very good to see in any light.

Horus X12

-This is the most modern and powerful Frsky radio , it has an internal GPS module and up to 32 CH, it is of a square format with a large color LCD screen that protrudes forward and slightly tilts upwards that makes us a lot of vision best.