FrSky RC transmitters present options for many different target audiences through a collection of versatile products in a scenario of countless models and applications for RC planes and drones. The Taranis X-Lite S model is assuredly among the main transmitters with the best value in the market today, the result of advanced technological improvements and a compact, innovative design.

The X-Lite S Transmitter is a great option for beginner and intermediate-level FPV pilots due to its simplified layout that resembles video game controllers, with a 24-channel capability and 2 additional momentary buttons; all this in a comfortable package, offering good sensation to the touch with its ergonomic shape and good grip, thanks to its rubber finish.

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The X-Lite S is available in different colors



The future of RC transmitters is here

The X-Lite S offers the brand-new PARA wireless training system, which allows you to connect with other FrSky transmitters for training with lower latency than ever before. It can also connect with the FrSky Free Link App and AirLink S via mobile devices to monitor telemetry and configure receptors. You can also connect it via USB to a computer and control FPV simulators or charge the batteries.

Another new feature is the ACCESS protocol. With the job of sending the radio’s signal to the receptor, this protocol is one of the most advanced yet, offering more capabilities than traditional protocols. Providing exceptional performance through the use of internal modules assuring larger transmission rates and lower latency in an intuitive and easy-to-use design.

After registering a receptor in your X-Lite S, the ACCESS protocol allows it to be turned on at any moment without having to press the F/S button on the receptor, in addition to making updates and model sharing a quick and easy experience, all wirelessly. Of course, every function from previous Taranis models is also included, like voice feedback and haptic vibration alerts, helpful for noisy environments.

The X-Lite S is also very safe. The integrated spectrum analyzers make it so you can check the radio waves in the area before flying, guaranteeing there will be no problems with interference. Additionally, it offers the Smart Match double-certification function with RX and TX, preventing signal hijacking. Every signal is encrypted exclusively for this purpose.


 The slick design of the transmitter case.

Modern design and easy to handle

With a compact and innovative design, you can take the X-Lite S with you virtually anywhere. Its ergonomic design is easy to please, especially if the user is used to video game controllers. This FrSky transmitter sits right with both thumb or pinching control users, thanks to its smooth stick handling courtesy of high-precision M12 hall sensor gimbals.

You can also use the transmitter through movement detection. Its integrated 6-axis accelerometer can control either the movement of the drone or model in flight or the direction the camera is facing. And, if you so wish, it’s also ready to receive an external antenna, for those really far out flights.

The 2S lithium batteries don’t disappoint, providing increased autonomy and a quick-charge system. The transmitter is also compatible with the 18500 and 18650 batteries through additional supports. There’s enough room for 60 different models in memory, and it is compatible with microSD cards, so you will hardly run out of space.

The X-Lite S also supports external modules, making it compatible with any model, be it fixed-wing, helicopters, or multi-rotors. This way, if you only want to fly planes or drones now, if you choose to branch out later on you can do so with the product you already have, at no extra cost.

This revolutionary design is by far the most compact of the FrSky catalog, sporting cutting edge technology. Its low weight of just 308 g (with no battery) allows for a lot of mobility, and the product comes in a stylish case with gimbal protectors, ready to be taken on any trip. Backlit LCD lights also add to the overall style and modern design.

The X-Lite S can be purchased on for $149.99 and is available in white, red, or black. When you make your purchase, you can also choose a FrSky receiver and R-XSR telemetry to enhance your experience even more. These are available for both EU and non-EU compatible protocols, so check your model first.