Frsky RC It is a fairly new company since it was founded relatively recently since research on electronics is progressing very quickly, it was created in 2010 as a company focused on the research and development of electronic components and is one of the most prestigious companies dedicated to radio control devices, produces both controllers (transmitters) and receivers.


Frsky R.C. Transmitters

Frsky transmitters or transmitters are currently one of the most used due to its infinity of options and a great quality price, it can compete without any problem against other brands of much more name and older without problems and even surpassing them in its simplicity of use features and diversity of customization options and in shapes and colors, there are stations of many shapes and sizes and not only the traditional squares with which many people with small hands or children could not use them comfortably since they did not give their fingers well to the controls and to be able to handle them with ease.

Most popular Frsky transmitters

The Taranis X9D is one of the most used especially its evolution, the X9D plus that has some improvements over its previous model has many possibilities and is one of the most used by pilots. This is a very versatile station both for flying planes, helicopters, drones, etc ... as we can see on the back it has a compartment in which we can exchange different modules with ease.

The Taranis X lite is another very particular model due to its design and its small size, which makes it very suitable for transporting on long journeys or for starting small children who feel very comfortable with it. We can also buy it in various colors and like its older sister we can also combine it with different types of modules. We also have another intermediate model such as the Taranis X9 that is between the previous two being a little bigger than the X lite and a little smaller than the X9D but also with very good features, being a little cheaper than the previous ones, converting it It is a very good option for those who want to get started and do not know if they would like this world.

The other most popular model that we can find is the Frsky Horus which becomes the flagship station of Frsky and the one with the highest performance for the most demanding pilots, being the Horus X12S its latest and most powerful version that even has gps, a large color screen and even mp3 player.


Frsky R.C receivers

In Frsky R.C. We also have a wide range of receivers of various formats and sizes, at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and in addition we have the possibility of receivers with telemetry, which is a very practical tool.

We have the traditional receivers that are very suitable for both electric glow planes and large and powerful R.C. of gasoline, I personally have several acrobatics gasoline planes and I would not risk a transmitter or receiver that I would not trust at all. I mount a Frsky receiver.

Then we have the most modern micro mini receivers that are ideal for mounting drones, from the largest recording drones to the tinys through the powerful racer drones that are the ones that usually have a very small space for mounting all its components. 


Modules Frsky R.C.

usually installed on stations that broadcast at frequencies of 35 GHz to transform them into stations that broadcast on 2.4 GHZ which is a much more practical frequency since you do not have interference problems with other pilots and thus not have to be changing the crystals of our transmitter and receiver, there are still many old school pilots who do not trust much of this technology but from my personal experience I have been flying planes in 2.4 GHz for a long time and I have not had any problem.


Frsky accessories

In addition to all these devices that we have seen previously in Frsky R.C. We also have various accessories such as carrying cases, custom housings, higher quality guimbals and a host of spare parts for almost any part we need from our emitters.