A manual is an important part of a product and the easiness of a manual makes the product to be used in the best and efficient way by having a knowledge and understanding of the product. If you have to use a product in the right way, it is pretty difficult without a manual. And if it is a product that you haven’t ever seen, then the chances are rare if you can get it into working in the way it should work. As we know, there is much room for improvement in the Frsky Receiver Manual.

That is why I have come up with this article so that you can learn the important aspects from a manual rather than going through the long and tough manual and what you should be taken care of while using the receiver.


The first thing we are going to learn in the Frsky Receiver Manual is how to bind the receiver to the radio or to the transmitter module. Binding is the process of mating your receiver to its respective transmitter so that it can provide necessary commands to the receiver from the inputs you provide. So in simple words, binding is the process of talking your transmitter to the receiver and the receiver is hearing whatever the transmitter is talking to it.

A receiver can only be bound to a transmitter at a time. But at the same time, you can bind many receivers to a transmitter. But remember, you can only use one receiver at a time using the transmitter even though if you have bound many receivers to that radio or transmitter.

Binding more than one receiver to the radio or the transmitter module is achieved by creating different models on the radio. If you are a FrSky user for the past few years, you probably know what it is meant by creating different models in your radio. I’m pretty sure, you will have a couple of models already created in your radio for the different aircraft you fly.

You can create up to 60 models on your Taranis radio by default and you can increase this number using an external SD card. What does it mean by creating 60 models in your radio? It means you are creating 60 models in your radio for 60 different aircraft or rigs you have. It means you are binding 60 different receivers to the radio or transmitter module.

Each of these models will have a unique configuration and setup that you wanted to have. Each of these models will be entirely different as the configuration you needed will be different from rigs to rigs or aircraft to aircraft.

Your transmitter will be connecting to the receiver on a specific model that you have created. Deleting that model will also remove the bound connection between your radio or transmitter module with the receiver and you will have to rebind it again. It is mentioned on Frsky Receiver Manual depending on the transmitter you have.

Binding is a simple step and it is almost same for all the receivers. There will be a binding button on your receiver and it will be marked with F/S button for most of the time. The F/S stands for failsafe and we will be discussing failsafe on the latter of this article. So let’s skip it for now.

There will also be a binding button on your transmitter module, for example, XJT and DJT Modules. If it is a transmitter, there will be no bind buttons and you have to go through the model settings in order to bind the receiver with it. First, create a model on your radio and name it as you want. Give it a name that matches with your aircraft, so it will be easy for you to remember which model you have to choose when using that specific model.

Then go the model settings and on the first page, go to the last settings and you will see bind settings there. You have to choose the right mode, depending on your radio you can find modes like D8, D16, L12 etc. You have to find which one is suitable for the receiver you have. Most of the newer receivers are matched with D16 and L12 is for their long range receiver. You have to check the specific Frsky Receiver Manual to see which mode is supported for the receiver you have.

Then press the bind and turn the receiver on while holding the F/S button. After it is turned on, release the button. The receiver will be bound with the transmitter or its module.


In this Frsky Receiver Manual article, we have seen how to bind a receiver with its transmitter. Hope this article has helped someone to understand the key aspects of binding FrSky receivers to its respective module or transmitter.