In today's article we are going to talk about what are the processes to update Frsky receivers. There may be different situations or problems so they need to be updated. Once we identify this problem, I will tell you about the update process, which is a very simple task, although somewhat complex for people who are starting.

We start by identifying the problems, sometimes when we buy a new receiver from the store, we connect it to the esc of our plane or to the controller board of our drone and we go to the page of the station where the receivers are linked. When clicking on link, we see that the two LEDs of the receiver remain fixed, red and green. This means that we are not using the correct protocol.

Another very common mistake is not having the transmitter and the receiver not using a compatible firmware. That is, for example, have the firmware of the station in lbt and have the firmware of the receiver in fcc.

We will explain how to update the Frsky receivers is a very simple process but somewhat complex for people who start in this hobby of rc. We start with the process. Once we have located where we have our problem, we will decide which system we are going to use in our station, the most common is the firmware (fcc), we will go to the Frsky website or download the firmware fcc compatible with the receiver that we use and once we are on the Frsky page and we have selected the model of our receiver we will see that on the firmware download page there are different options.

Once we download the compressed folder and open it, we will see that in the folder there are two files that match one with the fcc version and the other with the lbt version. We select the version according to our needs and I recommend that you transfer it to the desktop screen of your computer.

When we have already carried out this process, we will connect the station in boot mode to the computer or else we extract the card from our station and connect it to the computer, once the card is inserted into our computer. And we are going to look on the sd card for a folder called firmware and we are going to copy into it the file that we previously pasted on the computer's desktop screen.

Once we have done this process, we remove the card from the computer and place it in the station slot or disconnect the station from the computer.

We turn on the station normally and go to the station menu and look for the page of the sd card files. Once you locate the sd card in the station menu we look for the firmware folder.

Once we reach this step, we connect the receiver to our transmitter through a 3-pin connector. Depending on the station that we have, each one connects differently.

For example, the taranis qx7 is connected by lifting a rubber cap on the bottom of the transmitter next to the usb connector. On the taranis x9d plus it is connected to the top 3 pins on the top that are on the rear of the transmitter under the jr module bay cover.

Once the receiver is connected to the station, we go to the firmware folder of the station's sd card and press enter on the version that we copied previously from the computer's desktop and we update the external device. If everything is properly connected, a window will appear with a line that will begin to fill and write, then another message appears that the receiver has updated successfully.

Once this process is completed, we go back to the menu of the station of the model that we are using and we try to link it again and if you have followed the steps it will link you in the correct way.

In the case of not knowing what firmware we have in our station or in our receiver, I usually update to the newest version and thus make sure that I will always link it correctly and free of any type of problem.