FrSky S6R Lua Script. This is a review about the FrSky S6R Lua Script receiver, which is a receiver with autonomous self 3-axis stabilization, that supports many flight modes such as stabilization, automatic level, hover and Knife-edge flight modes. As this long range receiver is capable of Lua Script, the flight modes configuration can be edited by the FrSky S6R Lua Script but also by the receiver configuration itself. It can handle up to 6 PWM outputs and up to 16 channels in SBUS.


It has a medium size and weight for any aircraft (Dimensions: 47.42*23.84*14.7mm (L×W×H) & Weight: 12.1g) but it is slightly smaller and lighter than the FrSky S8R receiver, a very similar receiver. And as its twin, apart from including the FrSky S6R Lua Script receiver, the package also comes with double sided tape, a jumper set and a detailed manual with the operation of the receiver.

Apart from that, the FrSky S6R Lua Script is also compatible with the ACCST protocol in D16 mode, so its compatible with the RC transmitters and transmitter modules that supports D16, even ACCESS transmitters will be also compatible with this ACCST receiver.

FrSky S6R Lua Script Features

The FrSky S6R Lua Script is a 6 PWM channel, auto leveled receiver as we have already seen, but it also has similar features to the X8R, but in addition, the S6R receiver, as the S8R, both include 3-axis stabilization, including a 3-axis gyroscope with a definition of ±2000dps and a 3-axis accelerometer that can measure up to ±4g.

Therefore, the FrSky S6R Lua Script can be a very useful receiver for regular Fixed Wing, Gliders, Delta Wings, V-tail models and more aircrafts. As the receiver has several flight modes, it also has a determined number for every channel, which correspond to a determined control surface output as you can see in the following diagram:


With the FrSky S6R Lua Script it is also possible to switch to the 16-channel mode which will give you the possibility to use the built-in RSSI PWM output. The binding of this receiver must be done with ACCST protocol in D16 mode. It is important that when you bind any receiver, you have to make sure that you are binding it with the LBT or FCC firmware according to your transmitter version.

On the contrary, if you have an ACCESS protocol radio system and is compatible with ACCST protocol receivers you can also bind it with the FrSky S6R Lua Script as we have already seen, as long as you bind it in D16 mode to that radio system, and you won't need the receiver to have an ACCESS firmware installed on it.

FrSky S6R Lua Script Specifications

The FrSky S6R Lua Script operating voltage range of this receiver is from 4V up to 10V, and its operating current is 120mA when is powered by a 5V power supply. This receiver is a full range receiver, that commonly is enough range for third person view flights, and even enough also for First Person View aircrafts which regularly we don’t take our aircrafts that far.

Its built-in RSSI PWM output works between 0 to 3.3V. The FrSky S6R Lua Script receiver also has a built-in battery voltage detection sensor that can be very useful in order not to have to guess the voltage of the battery during flight, that usually every pilot guess wrong and the battery of your aircraft could have been used during more time, or even worst, you could even drop the battery voltage under a dangerous voltage limit.

To finish with the specs, this receiver can also handle firmware updates, with the files that you will find on the official FrSky website, in the section that is dedicated for the FrSky S6R Lua Script, on the downloads tab of the website. The device can also handle Smart Port for telemetry of S.Port sensors or Flight Controllers.

Lua Script Function

Now, let's see the most useful, powerful and interesting feature about the FrSky S6R Lua Script, and that is the Lua script. Lua Script is a programing language supported by radio transmitters that work with OpenTX such as many FrSky products. To use it with this receiver it is recommended to update your transmitter to its dedicated firmware of OpenTX 2.2. or later versions.


But what is this function intended for with this receiver? In short, this will allow you to change the configuration settings of your FrSky S6R Lua Script directly from your transmitter during flight, in addition, you will also be able to do more things, for example, if you are running a flight controller that uses a common configuration software such as Betaflight, you will also be able to change the configuration setup on your flight controller, such as changing the PID’s of your aircraft and more.