FrSky S8R Firmware Update. In this tutorial you are going to learn how make a FrSky S8R firmware update, so your receiver is updated to the correct firmware.

First, let's see why it is so important to make an FrSky S8R firmware update. As the FrSky S8R is a receiver intended for multiple purposes, it has two different firmware modes, the first one is for models such as Delta Wings or Flying wings and the second one is meant for V-tail type models.

A FrSky S8R firmware update is also important to avoid some firmware errors, such as uncontrolled servo movements from previous versions. And last but not least, a firmware update is usually needed to match your receiver and transmitter communication protocol, either FCC or LBT. Knowing this, let's start with the tutorial.

How to download the FrSky S8R firmware and which one to install.

First of all is to get the firmware. In order to make a FrSky S8R firmware update you have to follow the next steps to find the firmware download button where you can get the files.

  1. Go to the official FrSky webpage linked here: 
  2. On the top right corner of the web page, you will have to look for a “Downloads” tab, once you found it, move your cursor over the downloads tab so that it unfolds in two different categories, “Products” and “LUA Script”, and click on the products subcategory.
  3. Once the new webpage is loaded, search for the “Receivers” section and select “2.4GHz ACCST” on the options shown under “Receivers” section in order to be shown the ACCST receivers, and search for the S8R and once you find it, click on it.
  4. In this new webpage, you will be able to find much information about the receiver that can be very useful, but for the moment search for the “firmware” tab and click on it to unfold it so that the “download” buttons appear.
  5. At this point you can download the .zip folder with the latest files by clicking on the “download” button, but as FrSky has recently updated their webpages, they have also compiled all versions that are not compatible with v2.x.x, in a .zip file.

That file can be found in the same “firmware” tab, but in a section called “History firmware DOWNLOAD” where you can download the history firmware by clicking in the Download word in bold, although it is recommended to update the firmware of all your radios, RF modules and receivers. You have to download the folder which matches your OpenTX transmitter version either if it is previous or later than version 2.x.x.

If you have done everything correctly at this point, you have successfully downloaded the firmware, so now it’s time to upload it into your receiver in order to finish with the FrSky S8R firmware update. So, let's see how it's done.

How to upload the firmware on to the FrSky S8R with your radio controller.

For uploading the firmware into the receiver, we are going to use our RC controller. For this you will need an SD card. First, unzip the files, ignore the ones for the S6R, and load the ones meant for the FrSky S8R firmware update to the SD card, if you want you can load them into a folder in the SD card. And then insert the SD card into the transmitter.

To make the FrSky S8R firmware update correctly you can choose between the file with the latest version of the regular ACCST protocol “S8R_ACCST_2.1.0_.frk”, but also you can choose between the Vtail file “S8R_ACCST_2.1.0_vtail_.frk“ which is specifically meant for the users who fly in Vtail mode, but you may lose all previous settings and you will have to reset all calibrations again after updating the S8R.

You will also have to choose between FCC “_FCC.frk“ and LBT “_LBT.frk“ mode accordingly to your radio transmitter mode which you can check on the transmitter itself.

For users with a X9DP:

  1. Take a 3-pin servo wire, with a wire for signal on the left, a wire for ground in the middle, and a wire for +5V on the right.
  2. Connect the servo wire to the pins of the module bay, starting with yellow at the bottom of the pins, and then black and red, while the other end of the 3-pin wire goes to the Smart Port of the X8R receiver, this last end has to match the negative, +5V and S.Port  wires of your S.Port receiver input, so make sure you connect them correctly.
  3. Power on the radio. In the SD card tab, select the one you have already decided and click on it and run the “Flash External Device” so that the green and red LED will start blinking, and when they stop, the process of FrSky S8R firmware update is completed.

For users with other radios with S.Port:

  1. Connect a servo wire to the S.Port of the receiver and the other end to the S.Port of the trasmitter, make sure you connect them correctly.
  2. Then turn on the transmitter. In the SD card tab, select the one you have already decided and click on it and run the “Flash S.Port” so that the green and red LED will start blinking, and when they stop, the process of FrSky S8R firmware update is completed.

Congratulations! If you have reached this point, the tutorial has come to an end because you have successfully made the FrSky S8R firmware update, and the only thing left is to bind it and set it up and you are ready to fly.