To add some bling and colour to your radios, we can make use of the FrSky Switch Nuts for your FrSky radio’s switches.

FrSky radios are undoubtedly one of the most commonly purchased radio transmitters in the market right now. This means that there are thousands of the same FrSky radio models floating around the world, each model looking the same with everyone. This is kind of boring as there is nothing unique to your transmitter that you own.


What are Switches?

Switches are devices that are usually used to turn on and off devices. In other cases, it is used as an input for devices such as your transmitter.

On your radio transmitter, you ought to find a few switches on it. Let us take the example of the FrSky X9D Plus transmitter.

As you can see, there are a lot of switches on the top of the radio named S1, S2.. etc. These switches are programmable in the software of the Taranis radio into whatever you want to use them for. Most of these switches are 3-position switches meaning that it can be put in 3 positions (up, middle and down) which can be programmed into commands for the radio, perhaps on S1 you want to change flight modes, you can put the topmost position as ‘Angle’ mode, the middle position as ‘Horizon’ mode, and the bottom position as ‘Air’ mode for you racing drone.


FrSky Switch Nuts?

If you look at the previous image, you will see small silver rings that surround each of the switches on the top of the FrSky X9D Plus radio. These rings are what is called ‘Switch Nuts’.

A great thing about these switch nuts is that they are replaceable! That means you can ‘switch’ ( no pun intended ;) ) them out for better ones or different coloured ones of your liking.

This FrSky X9D Plus radio has its switch nuts changed from the stock silver ones to colourful flashy red and blue ones. Cool, right :D?

How to switch the stock boring ones to the new cool ones you ask? Read on!


How do I get one & Install it on my transmitter?!

Hold up! Each transmitter usually has different size for its switch nuts and you need to be sure which one to get. First, find out the exact model of your transmitter. This could be the FrSky X9D or the X9D Plus or the newer FrSky QX7 radio or other radios from the Taranis or Horus lineup.

Once you know the model ( of course you know this, it is your radio after all :P ) google the model name followed by ‘switch nuts’. For example “FrSky X9D Plus Switch Nuts” and in the search results, look for your favourite site and your favourite colour of the switch nuts and purchase them. I have attached the link to few stores which stock of Switch nuts for FrSky products.


Banggood - FrSky X9D/Plus


PyrdoDrone - FrSky QX7


GetFPV - FrSky QX7/X9D


Though I have mentioned that each model could have different sized switch nuts, it need not be all the time. Most FrSky nuts can be even used for Futaba radios as well.

Now, once you receive your switch nuts from your vendor with your favourite colour, you will need to replace your stock ones with these newer, cooler ones.

To do this, first, unscrew your old stock switch nuts. You can use a hex tool such as the one shown below for doing it.

If such a tool is not available to you, use a plier or a wrench to grab on the switch nuts and turn in.

Be careful while removing the switch nuts as after you completely unscrew them, the switch itself is free to fall inside your radio’s enclosure body! So during the final few unscrewing turns, it is better to switch from the tool to use your fingers and make sure to hold the top of the switch with your other hand to prevent it from sinking inside the radio enclosure.

Once you have removed the stock ones, simply reverse the process and screw in the new ones you purchased. Just make sure the nuts are tight and there is no wiggle room for the switch. If there is a ‘give’ it’ll loosen your switch even more during daily usage. So make sure the switch nut is tightly screwed in place.

Now you can repeat the steps for the remaining switches on your radio.

In this article, we have seen what switches are and what switch nuts are, what they are used for as well. We ended the article by checking out various options for customized switch nuts and how to change your stock frsky switch nuts to new ones.