Frsky Taranis radios were the all-time favorite radios of the Hobbyists in the last decade. It became the dream radio for many and competitors began appearing in the Industry. Even after many new radios were introduced to the Industry, the Taranis radios are still going rock solid and a great option nowadays. Owning a Radio isn’t the difficult part, but caring for and maintaining it in mint condition is! Hence we are going to dive into some tips for caring for your radio in Mint condition and introducing some FrSky Taranis Accessories for turning your Radio into something Unique.

There are thousands and thousands of Taranis Radios all over the world and they all look the same. So what difference does your Taranis have? Obviously, you would like to have a unique look for your Taranis Radio. FrSky Taranis Accessories are a great option for turning your radio into something beautiful. And at the same time, it is not all about beauty. Moreover, those accessories can protect the radios and you will have many advantages from the same. So let’s get started;

Anti Slippery Switch Caps

Anti slippery switch caps are one the best FrSky Taranis Accessories that you can buy for your radio that will make your radio more unique from others. It is obvious these tiny silicone or plastic caps will make your radio look greater. They are not only for making your radio beautiful but also for providing grip to these switches.


If your hands get sweated while flying in the fields, you will be having a hard time using the switches because of its smooth finishing and reflective surface. Can you imagine the situation where you want to disarm the quad quickly and the disarm switch get slippery? That can bring disaster. Disaster in such a way that you cannot even imagine its consequences. Hence, this accessory can save you from slippery switches and will add a special beauty to it as well.

Taranis Holder

Taranis holder is another important class of products in the FrSky Taranis Accessories and you will never want to miss this one. This holder will keep your radio firm when you place it on a table or even in irregular places. Hence this will prevent your radio from falling off from the back to the front side preventing damages to switches and gimbals. This is very important because by default the radio doesn’t have any supports at all.


What more? If you are using an external RF module like R9M or Crossfire, then you definitely don’t want to miss this one. Why? Because it will physically protect your module if by any chance radio falls off the table. The external module will no longer be harshly touching the table or the floor if it’s lying down. The Module will be in mint condition without any scratches.


There are many designs of Taranis holder and there are some cool designs among them which are totally mind-blowing. They can be folded back for ease and there will be no issue in carrying them in FrSky EVA carrying case or similar carrying cases designed for Taranis. There are many color choices available and get your favorite color to take your Taranis to another level.

Anti Skidding PU transmitter Tray

The next accessory we are taking into consideration in the FrSky Taranis Accessories is the Anti Skidding PU Taranis Transmitter Tray. If your hands sweat quickly, then this is for you. These will prevent your hands from skidding while holding the transmitter. Thumper or pincher, it doesn’t matter and you will hold the back of your radio.

There are different colors available of these anti-skidding trays. These are not like some cosmetics to make your radio look cool but for enhancing the user experience. While flying, you will not have to regularly pick the radio to improve the grip. I’m pretty sure that you have gone through that many times if you are a Taranis User especially if you are using it without any lanyards.


Moreover, they are not expensive and you can get them from many stores. If you are some who care about the look of your radio, then there are some cool sleek designs that you would want to check out.


So this article was about learning some cool FrSky Taranis Accessories available in the market. Even though we couldn’t familiarize ourselves with every one of them, but definitely learned the most important ones. Hope this article has helped you.