we are going to talk about how to put frsky taranis custom sounds. Doing this process is quite simple, we will only need an rc transmitter with a sd card inside, a usb cable and a computer.

In order to perform these voices, we will need to download a program called audacity to our computer. It is a free program that can be downloaded freely from any browser.

Once we have installed this program, we start it and this screen will appear.


The audio files will be placed on the desktop, these will be format for example mp3. to introduce our files in the program we will drag them from the desktop to the gray rectangle of audacity as I show below

The first thing we will do is delete the part of the audio that does not interest us, selecting on the file and clicking on the keyboard button of (delete) and thus we will have the file that our station will play when we arm the engines or change mode ...

Once we have the trimmed file, we begin to modify the parameters from the program, the first thing that we will modify will be the frequency that is in the lower left part and we will set it to 16000 hz and we do not ensure that this option is set in the form of a wave. Find it on the left half and click on the name of the audio file with a gray background and a drop-down will appear.


In that same drop-down we are going to select the option to divide from stereo to mono

And two blue audio graphs will appear in the gray rectangle. We click on the x of the second graph to stay only with the first graph which is the mono format. We reopen the drop-down menu where we put the waveform and go to the format option and select the 16-bit PCM option. then in the drop-down below format we go to frequency and select the option 48000 hz.

Once these steps have been followed, the audio would be complete to save it, we go to the upper panel and click on file and a drop-down will appear and select export and then in the export menu we select export, we choose the option to export as WAV


Once we have the files saved as WAV I save them in the audios folder that open tx provides us when downloading the content of the sd according to the station that each user has, in my case I save them in the sounds folder in Spanish, but each pilot is free to save these new files in the file folder of their language. once we have finished this step we have finished with the computer part.

We take our station in my case the taranis x9d plus se and we look for the menu where the content of the sd is located (on the second page of the menu) and we go to where it says sounds. If we open this option, we usually see audio folders in several languages, we open the folder that is in our language and there we will find the new files that we have made through the audacity program.


Once we have located our custom file, let's go to the configuration menu of the model to which we want to put the previously created sound and we do not place on page 10 of said menu that puts the name function adjustment. In this page we can assign the sound to the switch that we want.

for example in my case in the 3-position switch SE I have set the angle flight mode, horizon flight mode and acro flight mode each 1 with its corresponding audio in the SF switch I have the armed with its corresponding audio in the sd switch I have the chrono to control the flight time. the dynamics is always the same.