When it comes to ‘Modes’ or stick alignments, different people have different choices. Some want to follow each way and stick to the one that they seem best for them. Some people want to follow the universal way and make their preferences the universal one. When it comes to transmitters, the most commonly followed method is Mode 2. So in this article, we are going to learn how to change FrSky Taranis mode 1 to mode 2.

Even though the most widely used configuration is Mode 2 (Again it’s all about personal preference), However, many of the transmitters coming out of the factory are Mode 1, Hence there is a need to change the Mode 1 to Mode 2 for whoever wants it. If you find Mode 3 more comfortable for you, then stick with Mode 3. As I have stated, its all about personal preference and someone else cant know what is best for you. You need to find it yourself.

It is very easy to change Mode 1 to Mode 2 in all the transmitters and the steps are almost the same for most of the transmitters. For this tutorial, we are going to do it on a Taranis. All you need to need to change FrSky Taranis mode 1 to mode 2 is a screwdriver. So let’s get started.


Step 1: Safeguard everything & Position Switches

An important thing to keep is to make sure the switches aren’t reversed once you change FrSky Taranis mode 1 to mode 2. The switches SE and SG are in between the two halves of the Taranis and there is a chance the position of the switch will be reversed when you place it back. Hence, tape the switch to the rear of the housing or put some mark over the switch with tape or marker to indicate the position of it.


Step 2: Open the Taranis Case

First, we need to open the Taranis by removing the screws that hold the two halves of the Taranis together. There are 6 screws that hold the two halves together. Use a star screwdriver to loosen the screws. See the image for reference.

It is time to separate the two halves once you loosen all the 6 screws. There are some ribbon cables between both the halves so you need to be careful to open it. Apply gentle pressure and ply the two halves at the top by plucking the holder. There are no ribbon cables at the top and it is safe to separate it from the top.

Now gently lay down the two halves of the Taranis together the same as you open a textbook. There is no glue that holds the two halves together and no cables at the top. It isn’t coming through, then it might be the SE and SG switches. Try tilting the switches and the case will come through.

Once you open the Taranis case, you can separate the ribbon cables or leave as it is. If you don’t touch the ribbon cables, then make sure to do everything carefully. If you try to take one of the halves and it will damage the ribbon cables. Hence it is safer to separate the ribbon cables and put it back after you finish changing FrSky Taranis mode 1 to mode 2


Step 3: Release the spring screw

If you look at the back of the gimbal, you will see many screws there. Two of those screws are for loosening or tightening the gimbals or in short to adjust the tension of the sticks. Find the attached image and locate the spring release screw. This screw is like an on or off switch. When it’s ‘on’, it will activate the spring and the stick will center, and when it’s off, the stick will move freely and it won’t center.

  • Mode 1- The right stick will move freely and the left stick will have tension or center
  • Mode 2- The right stick will have tension or center and the left stick will move freely.

The spring will be activated and that stick will have tension if you rotate that spring screw all the way clockwise. If you want the stick to move freely, then you need to rotate that screw all the anticlockwise until that stick moves freely.

Loosen the spring screw on the current throttle stick and tighten it on the other gimbal to change FrSky Taranis mode 1 to mode 2. Adjust the tension of other sticks if you want to. Close the case of the Taranis and tight the 6 screws and make sure you are inserting the switches in the right direction or you will be getting switch error.


Step 4: Change the settings

After you do the changes, turn on the Taranis and make sure everything is working fine. Then go to the settings and change the Mode settings from Mode 1 to Mode 2. Now you are successfully changed the FrSky Taranis mode 1 to mode 2.


I hope this article has helped some to change the FrSky Taranis mode 1 to mode 2. Once again it’s all personal preference, and do it if you want to stick with the Mode 2.