Today we are going to see how to set up on your Frsky transmitter any frsky taranis sound files that you have on your sd card for next play custom sound track using a switch to play a sound track that previously we generated using a text to speech online services.

One of the greatest feature of the this feature is the really good use that frsky taranis sound files provides a voice feedback, and ability of playing sound tracks or even songs, you can have it talking to you, to report current flight information such as telemetry data, which is great especially when you don’t have osd or in that moment you can’t see the osd information on your fpv goggles.

But did you know that you can also configure the frsky taranis sound files to play any custom sound tracks? Use it to play a funny or naughty greeting as you switch on the radio transmitter just before the flight, or play a message to a stranger who is trying to ask you questions while your quadcopter is still in the air.

Generate Custom Voice message (Text to Speech Conversion)

You can create a frsky taranis sound files recording your own voice message and convert it into a sound track, first of all we have to search on internet any text to speech website, then type in the message you want and click “Listen”. However you are not given any option to download the sound file. Here is a trick to do so.

After pressing “listen”, the sound file is generated and stored on their website. You can find the link to the file in the Browser Developer mode, where you can see the HTML code of the website. In Google Chrome:

  • press F12
  • click on the HTML code
  • press Ctrl + F
  • type in “.mp3” and hit enter

Once you find the link to the mp3 file, open it in a new tab, right click on the page and choose “Save as” to save the file locally on your computer that is going to be a frsky taranis sound file.

Converting MP3 File Format to WAV Format to get a format that Taranis Supports

The Frsky Taranis does not support MP3 file format, only WAV format, therefore you need to convert it first to get a frsky taranis sound file, there are a lot of free websites on google that they allow you to convert this types of file format.

Once you get the sound track in WAV format you only have to enter the track in the taranis sd card.

Putting Sound Track Files on Taranis

There are two ways to insert the frsky taranis sound files:

  • Take your SD card out of the Taranis, and insert it into your computer to paste the sound file.
  •  Access the SD card on the Taranis, by connecting the Taranis to the computer with a Mini USB cable. But you need to turn on the Taranis first and use the usb storage mode that allows you to detect the sd card.

All the frsky taranis sounds files are in the “SOUNDS\en” directory on the SD card. Once you place the file there, the Taranis will pick it up and it should be available as an option in the next step.

Note: It’s best to write the file name short, and try to avoid having symbols in the name, otherwise your file might not be detected.

Configure Switch on Taranis to Play Sound Track File

Final Step! This step is so easy.

On your Taranis you have to go to the Special Functions page and add a new function, you have to assign a spare switch for playing the frsky taranis sound files. Second option should be “Play Track”, and third option is the file you want to play. Forth option is how many times you want to play it.

Changing Switch-On Greeting Message on Taranis

If you have the sound activated, when you turn on the Taranis, you hear: “Welcome to OpenTX”.

If you don’t like to listen this sound always you can change it if you want.

You only need to replace the original greeting frsky taranis sound files with a new one. The original greeting is located in “SOUNDS\en\system\hello.wav“.

Rename it to “hello_old.wav”, and put yours custom sound track in there and name it “hello.wav”.

There you have it!