This tutorial is about all the useful things you can do with Frsky Taranis USB Port. Radio is an important Part of Drone or RC Plane Hobby. The way how you fly your drone depends on the Transmitter to a little extend. And it is very important to customize the Transmitter according to our Taste. If you are a Frsky or Horus Radio User, then you probably might have come across to see it has a Mini USB Port.     



    A USB Port, in Fact, is an output coming from the Radio which can be used for several purposes. Having a USB Port means you are having a reliable radio with customizable Options. You may find different radios have different USB Ports like Mini USB, Micro USB, and C Type which is the latest in the series that can be found in the smartphones, and for some radios, there will be none.


    It is all up to the Manufacturer to decide which type of USB Port they can go with. But it is a bit annoying to see Frsky is still using Mini USB Port in their 2019 Radios. If USB Port to be used was standardized to an international standard, then we won't have to have different USB cables, one to connect your FC to Laptop or PC, one to connect your radio to Laptop or PC, and nowadays some Flight Controllers are coming with C Type USB Port.

    It is time for FrSky to change the USB Port in their Radios. I am just having the USB Mini Cable with the sole purpose of connecting to Frsky Taranis USB Port. We can Hope Frsky will come up with C Type USB Cable in Future. So we are going to discuss the Useful things you can do with Frsky Taranis USB Port.


    To update the Firmware of Taranis or Horus radio

    Firmware is a piece or set of code or program that runs In the rc transmitters and rc receivers and that is what it enables to communicate with each other. So in simple words, It is the language used by Transmitter and Reciever In order to “Talk” All the features and settings in your radio are there because the firmware in it is written accordingly to execute it.  Hence updating your radio to a new Stable Firmware can make your radio work much better by removing the Bugs, improving performance, and enabling more features.

    You can update the Firmware of the Radio through FrSky Taranis USB Port. It is not the only way to Update the Firmware of your Frsky or Horus Radio as you can do it using an SD Card also. It is pretty simple to Update the Firmware and it is not Rocket Science. You just need a USB Mini Cable, PC, Internet Connection and Offcourse a Taranis or Horus Radio. You have to Install Open TX Application in the PC  in Order to Update the Firmware. Connect your Radio via USB Cable, Choose your Radio in the Open TX Application and choose the Latest Firmware for it. It will be done within 5 Minutes. Easy Right? We will be covering this tutorial in detail in another article.


    To Change the Settings of Your Taranis or Horus Radio

    You can use the Frsky Taranis USB Port to change the Settings in the Radio. Suppose, if the LCD Display or buttons in your Radio Is not working and you are looking for a way to change the settings, Then this is for you. You can change each and every setting in detail in your Radio by connecting your Taranis or Horus Radio using the OpenTX Application with the help of your PC. You can stimulate the Radio in the OpenTX Application and do whatever you want to do with it.


    To Connect to Simulator

    Simulators are a great way to improve your skills and practice without crashing and costing replacements in Real Life. If you are a beginner then a simulator can be useful to get used with Controls and if You are Pro, you can improve your skills and maneuvers without crashing in Real Life. Therefore, Simulator has become an important tool in this Hobby and nowadays pilots are racing each other on it by sitting in their Home.

    You can connect to any of the simulators through FrSky Taranis USB as it will be detected as USB HID Game Controller. Sometimes you have to install the drivers depending on the Operating system running in your PC. You can create a specific model in your Radio for Simulator Purpose to have the Rates and Expo you want. Isn't it nice to have this cool Feature?


    We have discussed the Important three things you can do with FrSky Taranis USB Port. All the three things we have discussed are a piece of cake for you to do and it is not complicated. We will be covering all these Applications in detail in other articles and Hope this article has helped you to understand the important things you can do with Frsky Taranis USB Port.