FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller. The FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller is a revolutionary transmitter from FrSky. The compact Game-Style controller of the transmitter, in addition with the functionality and reliability of any other FrSky Transmitters make this model a game changing idea on the RC hobby.

This radio includes 4 switches in addition to 2 sliders, giving you the possibility to use the essential functions of your aircrafts, such as the arming switch, using external servos, or switching between different flight profiles etc. The FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller will also give you a premium flight experience thanks to its ergonomical design.


Its small size will be very useful for users that doesn’t like taking bulky luggage, as the FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller doesn’t require many room. The transmitter also includes a small vibrating motor which will provide you information along with a speaker that will give you sound alerts and voice warnings as many other radio models, but the X-Lite has the unique M12 Lite hall sensor gimbals that in addition to high precision, they will provide you with smooth control.

The battery tray on the transmitter is incorporated on each handle and is designed for 18500 batteries. The FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller runs OpenTX software used on popular radio systems and it incorporates the function of expandable memory by adding a micro SD card. This radio is also very useful to users that need the training feature of FrSky controllers because with the X-Lite you can link wirelessly two FrSky radios for this porpoise with an optional upgrade.


Although the FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller might not look as useful as a full size controller, it is a very powerful model, and even more if you take in consideration the option of installing on it a transmitter module from the R9M Lite series. In addition, the device can be linked up to the FrSky FreeLink App which will allow you to have control over telemetry and will also allow you to configure your receivers, with an optional upgrade.

FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller Specifications

The FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller includes many advantages on its ergonomic and compact design, the first notable one is the M12 Lite gimbals. This gives the transmitter a hall effect with high accuracy movements which are much better than common mechanical ones. These can be easily adjusted without the need to disassembly the controller, and the gimbals also include high quality CNC machined gimbal pedestals.

About the speed of the internal and external module digital interface of the FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller, the internal interface runs on 450K and the external runs on 420K. The X-lite can achieve a super low latency, with a medium latency lower than 20ms, and achieving even a latency of 12ms. It is compatible with the following external modules, R9M Lite, MPM Lite, etc.

As we saw before, the FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller works with OpenTX software, which can be updated with open firmware updates designed specifically for this model. It also includes the haptic vibration alerts, which are achieved with a vibrating motor, and it includes voice speech outputs such as the headset jack and the inbuilt speaker which you can give use by installing files with the desired sounds for each warning on the external memory of the micro SD card slot.


It features an internal antenna, but also an external antenna connector if you want to improve the range of the radio. The FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller has a 128*64 outdoor readable backlight LCD screen which you can use to configure your receivers, change your transmitter settings etc.

And the Smart Port and micro USB Port will be very convenient for users that want their receivers and the FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller to be updated to the latest firmware version or in order to use it on computer or consoles simulators.

Finally, as we saw above, the battery compartment is easily accessible and is designed to use replaceable 18500 Li-ion batteries, but you can fit compatible batteries with a size under a height of 50mm and a diameter under 18mm. The FrSky Taranis X Lite 2.4 GHz Radio Controller also has the possibility to include a gadget to use the wireless function compatible with FrSky Free Link App, and that is supported for wireless trainer system.