In this article we are going to talk about some improvements and some modifications that we can make in our frsky taranis x9d plus transmitters. This will help us improve our way of flying and make us feel more comfortable and safe during the practice of our hobby.

Modification number 1:

When I started, I had the standard taranis x9d plus in gray, one day after using it for a year I heard about the m9 hall effect gimbals and I decided to buy them and change them for the ones that came with the serial station, a month after having installed the new gimbals I felt that the piloting was much more comfortable and that the drone made the maneuvers in a more smooth and precise way.


Modification number 2:

The taranis x9d as standard, the anther of the internal module is short and is indivisible with the transmitters it can only be lifted and rotated. Well, I bought the antenna modification kit that consists of a 5db antenna and a pigtail that connects the antenna to the internal module of the transmitter. This modification is delicate to do but very simple.

The process is fairly simple. We start by opening the housing of the transmitter and locate the rear plate of the transmitter and desolder the old antenna and connect the pigtail with the antenna connector, delicately solder it in the middle of the live antenna and in the pad at the ends the mesh. Finally, we place the connector of the new antenna on top and close the station again with its corresponding screws.


Modification number 3:

In this modification we are going to talk about the decoration of the outer casings by means of the hydro-printing technique. Or buying already decorated cases that usually have a cost of around $ 40. Special edition transmitters usually incorporate this type of casing as standard. Then it can also be personalized by placing stickers depending on the user's taste.


Modification number 4:

At this point we talk about the issue of batteries, the taranis x9d plus comes as standard with a 2000 mah battery of the nimh type. According to my point of view, these batteries only have one advantage, which is that they can be charged without removing them from the transmitter, connecting the round plug charger to the right side of the transmitter.

Another alternative is to place a 2 to 3 cell lipo battery that the station supports from 6 to 13v with this option we will achieve greater autonomy in my case I used a 2200mha at 3s 11.1v (12.6v when fully charged)

In the new transmitter I use two circular 3000mah lion batteries, which is the battery that gives us more autonomy today. 

Modification number 5:

Those of us who fly fpv or long-haul flights in the rear bay can incorporate modules in jr format such as the frsky r9m or the tbs crossfire micro tx module that provide us with a greater range and a much safer flight than the signal. conventional

Personal experience:

When I bought the first frsky station which was the standard taranis x9d plus with the aluminum gray housings, it came with the gimbals as standard and with the fixed station antenna that could not be removed. But less I had it a year without making any kind of modification and as I saw that I was progressing in the hobby and in the way of piloting the first modification that I made was to replace the standard gimbals with those of the M9 range that incorporate hall effect and are magnetic.

 Later, when I bought the Torvol backpack pro fpv , I made the modification of the antenna that I was afraid that it could be damaged on travel, then I made the modification of the detachable threaded antenna to avoid damaging the original antenna of the radio.

The last modification was the casing after 3 years of having this station since with use the paint was a little worn and I decided to acquire a new casing with drawings and much more beautiful than the previous gray one.

Normally I used to use the battery as standard, but if it ran out in the airfield, I carried a 2200mah 3rd-party lipo battery in my flight backpack.