The Frsky Taranis X9D is a station traditional format to very popular among fans made to the aeromodelismo especially pilots multicopteros for their versatility and excellent quality.

  The Frsky Taranis X9D is undeniably one of the most powerful radio transmitters that can be obtained for a fairly affordable price for all budgets, It has a very flexible software with a large community of users in which you can solve any problem and find help to learn its handling and multiple functions.

  This station has a very good size screen and backlit we can see perfectly in any lighting whether it 's sunny or this dark, has 3 buttons on the right side and 3 other buttons on the left side that allow us easy menu navigation.

  As we can see in the image, it is presented in a box with its corresponding pore-span envelope quite well protected, in its box we find the Frsky Taranis X9D, with its corresponding charger and its adapter for the European plug.

  The Frsky Taranis X9D has its two main control knobs of course, we also have 1 2-position switch, 1 2-position spring switch , 6 3-position switches , 2 sliders and 2 roulette wheels.

  The Frsky Taranis X9D has the OpenTx software which is open software with which we can update our station with the most modern versions of programming that are being released in Frsky so that we will always have it updated without having to change the transmitter.

   This station has an alert system sound in a voice that can be configured in multiple languages and is very practical because nothing else turn it tells you if you switch assembly in place or anything but this in position for FPV is also very practical since with the glasses we cannot see the screen and it warns us of any problem.

    At the back of the Frsky Taranis X9D we can find a micro USB port to connect it to the PC to update the software or even to be able to use it in a simulator, so being a micro USB we will not have to buy a specific cable such as it happens with stations of other brands.

    We also have in the back a camouflaged hole with its cover to be able to install an external module in case we need any special characteristics for a specific radio control mode, such as a module for long range mode .

    The Frsky Taranis X9D has a yack- type connector to use it linked to another station for teacher-student mode and a connector on the right side to connect the battery charger and charge it without having to remove the battery from the station.

    Its multiple switches and controls are fully configurable to be able to put them according to our needs, assigning to each control the function we want according to our piloting preferences, such as the assembly of a drain or the different forms of flight.

    The F rsky Taranis X9D can transmit with the internal and external module simultaneously, being able to adapt each channel as best suits us, thus being able to transmit up to 32 independent channels simultaneously .

     It has telemetry with 3 customize screens and fully configurable voice announcements, compatible with existing receivers and sensors, being able to have total control of our radio control device such as being able to control the remaining battery or even the fuel level of an RC plane .

     For this station we can find all kinds of original accessories from the Frsky brand such as a carrying case, as well as all kinds of spare parts from the motherboard, switches or even the gimbals, being able to replace them with others of greater precision, we can also find different casings of different colors or effects as well as screen-printed , which makes it fully customize.

     Personally I am using this station since when I started with the drones for my previous station there were no receivers with Sbus and since I made the change I am very happy and it has not given me any kind of transmission problem, becoming my main station that I use so much for drones as for my RC planes.