If you recall, we have discussed the general aspects, Pros, and cons of Li-ion batteries in the last articles. From the title of the article, you might have understood that this article is the second part of the last article. As I have promised, we will be discussing Li-Po batteries in general and how they dominate over Li-Ion battery when you are going to choose a battery for FrSky Transmitter X9d or X9d Plus radio.

               As I have said in the last article, we are not going to discuss or get into deeper behind the science of Li-Po batteries or the chemical reactions taking place in it. In Fact, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Li-po batteries when compared to Li-ion in terms of simple factors that you will be able to understand pretty easily.

               The ultimate goal of these series of articles is to have an insight in general about Li-ion, Li-po, Li-fe, Ni-Mh Batteries, etc so that you will be able to choose between these when choosing a battery for FrSky Transmitter X9d Plus, or for some other application. The disadvantages or advantages we are listing in the article doesn't make them bad batteries, But each one is better under different circumstances.

               Li-po and Li-ion are two batteries that you may have heard a lot, especially if you are in RC hobby for quite some time. So it is very important to know the basics and important factors of these two batteries as they are very dangerous if not taken care properly.


               Li-Po that stands for Lithium Polymer comes under the family Lithium batteries. If you are wondering how they differ from Li-ion, then the most significant difference between the lithium-ion and lithium-polymer battery is the electrolyte between their negative and positive electrodes. In Li-ion batteries, the electrolyte is a liquid.

               When it comes to Li-po technology, one of the three forms: Dry solid, porous chemical compound, or gel, is used. The most popular one used among the Li-Po batteries is the gel-like electrolyte.

               Lipo batteries are extensively used in RC hobby because of the power it can deliver. On a quick note, they have about 4 times the energy density of Ni-cd (nickel-cadmium) or Ni-MH( Nickel-metal-hydride) batteries. Lipos are power-packed batteries that can deliver more than 100A current which makes them the go to go option for Drone racing where power attributes are mattered.

               When compared with a Lithium-ion battery (li-ion), they have lower energy density. But on other hand, Li-Po is more stable than Li-Ion. They are not vulnerable to heat like Li-ion batteries are. However, Li-po is expensive than Li-ion although they doesn't have the “aging” problem.

               Li-Po batteries don’t have memory effect which is a great advantage when compared to Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh where memory effect is commonly seen. So what is memory effect? It is a weird problem that occurs when you charge your battery without completely discharging it. That will reduce the battery energy capacity drastically even though it can be fixed by repeatedly discharging the battery. Don’t worry, we will be covering more about that in the upcoming article on Ni-Mh batteries.

               But do we need such high power pumped and expensive batteries for FrSky transmitter x9d plus or any other transmitter? To answer that question, not all the lipo are power-packed batteries. There are many low C rated Li-Po batteries that are available and cheap when compared to High C rated Li-Po batteries. Moreover, they have a similar recharge life cycle like Li-ion batteries and are lightweight.



  • No memory effect
  • High number of recharge cycles
  • Less chance of explosion
  • Long lifespan
  • Lightweight
  • Power-packed batteries.


  • Expensive
  • Risk of causing fire (Risk is low when compared to Li-ion)
  • Lower energy density compared to Li-ion


               Li-Po batteries are usually used for purposes when the power output requirement is high. Hence these batteries are usually expensive. However, Inexpensive Li-Po batteries with lower power outputs are also available that are highly suited for purposes like powering FrSky transmitter X9d plus and of course, other radios as well. For the same reason, there so many Li-Po batteries from different brands that are specifically made for Radios.

It is true that they don’t have high energy density like Li-ion batteries, but it still comes par with the Li-ion. Safety is all matters, and these batteries should be taken care of properly or else chances are high for causing a fire.  So, it is okay if you go towards any of these batteries for your FrSky transmitter x9d or maybe you try out both and see which one performs well for you? And above all, they are not expensive.