The airfoil of this FrSky Vantac wingspan has been designed to be highly efficient by creating higher lifting forces, this also allows the plane to fly at lower speeds. Inside it, you will find plenty of room for any additional electronics, such as for an FPV transmission system, or for a positioning system. Not only that, but the battery slot can be removed to be relocated in another position to achieve a better “CG” adjustment, which thanks to the marks under the main wing it can be easily balanced. To improve stability during flight it has 2 skids which will also help during landing, and an air intake to cool down the electronics inside the FrSky Vantac wing.




As mentioned before, the width of the FrSky Vantac wing is 900mm or 35.43″, which make it very easy to fly, but also very responsive, it is 482mm or 18.97″ on length, and it can fly from 20km/h up to 180km/h. FrSky designed this model for high performance, so they decided to install an upgraded motor along with a high-power ESC. The plane comes with an installed S6R 6-Channel receiver that features a 3 Axis Gyro to have a stabilized mode on the plane and the receiver also supports Smart Port Telemetry.

On the back of the aircraft, it has a strip of Bright LED lights to make it easier to see the aircraft when flying it in LOS. It has a Carbon fibre hatch handle to remove the top of the wing and access easily to its electronics, and the total weight of the FrSky Vantac is 376.5g. The wingtips it has in addition to the wings, both can be removed, making the aircraft more portable and easier to take anywhere. According to the manufacturer, this product is not suitable for people under the age of 18, so kids under the age of 18 should be supervised by an adult.




What does the product include?

Now that you know in detail the components and specifications of the FrSky Vantac, it's time to talk about what it's included in the package. Many products come in the package, but the main one is the Vantac AR+ Wing 900mm Wingspan EPO FPV Flying wing KIT which comes one unit, the other important components to build the kit are the electronics, it comes with a FrSky S6R receiver for stabilized flight and to have control from your FrSky radio transmitter.

The ESC which comes in the package is an FrSky 80A ESC with a 5V and a 12V SBEC regulator to power the electronics of the aircraft, which it is so powerful because it has to supply enough power for the FrSky Vantac Solo 2208 3000KV Motor as it is a very demanding motor. And the last things included in the package are two Gemfan 5152 tri-blade Props and a LED strip for the back of the aircraft.

Unfortunately, there is another component required to fly the FrSky Vantac AR Wing which is the battery. It is recommended to use a 3 or 4s battery, from 1300 up to 2200mAh, and if possible, with a high discharge capacity such as a Lipo. The HD video camera is also not included in the package.




Warnings and Safety Notes

According to FrSky, the aircraft must be operated with a minimum of precautions which are the following ones: The first one is to avoid flying the FrSky Vantac if it is damaged as this is not safe and it can cause it to become uncontrollable and finally crash it. The next recommendation is to check if all is working as it should before each flight by making sure everything is securely tightened.

Another recommendation is also to avoid using the FrSky Vantac wing in harsh environments like storms, rainy and snowy days, etc. Other important recommendations also to have in mind would be not use this product in a strong electromagnetic environment to avoid interferences or failures, and it is important not to place the battery into water or fire and don’t overcharge or discharge the battery as this can cause the battery to explode.