In this article you are going to learn everything about the frsky x-lite firmware. First of all we have to know which transmitter is the frsky x-lite. The frsky x-lite radio is a 2.4ghz transmitter that blends the functionality and reliability of FrSky Transmitters with a compact Game-Style controller.


The frsky x-lite firmware is an open source firmware that use all the frsky transmitters that is the OpenTX. You can get this firmware free on the OpenTX official website, it’s easy to use and brings a lot of options to configure the transmitter on the computer.

You can update the firmware so easy, you only have to connect usb to the transmitter, in the transmitter screen you have to select usb hid option, then open in the computer the opentx companion with the version of your transmitter and finally you only have to charge the file in the companion and update it to the transmitter.

You can customize the the start screen and put your own logo if you want.


When you use the frsky x-lite in the computer to configure the firmware you can add some luas that are a firmware customization option, that you can add some features to the transmitter, for example a lua for the telemetry that can add a new screen on the transmitter and in that screen you can see all the information that gives you the telemetry.


The protocol that use the frsky x-lite is the accst and only support 16ch, in the frsky x-lite firmware you can choose between d8 and d16, but in the newest versions of this transmitter brings a new protocol and firmware that is access with 24ch, these doesn’t support d8 but still support d16.


The newest features of these transmitters is for example the wireless trainer, the old access protocol and firmware bring this option but it’s not wireless, you have to use a cable connected in both transmitter to use that feature, but in the x-lite s and x-lite pro you can use this feature with others access transmitters without using a cable that is more comfortable.


Thanks to OpenTX we can add to our frsky x-lite firmware customized sounds that can be activated on the transmitter switches.

You can arm for example the drone and if we configured before the sound on that switch position the sound will be reproduced when you arm the quad.


The frsky x-lite firmware is mainly developed to use the r9m lite and r9m lite pro that is a 900mhz module to use receivers for long distances or to have less latency.

Is mainly developed for this modules because the place that you place the module is for small modules and not big modules how is the crossfire or the normal R9M.