We will look at more in-depth about the FrSky X Lite Switches and how to replace them.The FrSky X Lite series of radios is the smallest and easiest to hold radios FrSky has released so far. Even though it is not as popular as its bigger brothers such as the X9D or QX7, it still attracts a niche market of drone racers who would rather prefer a smaller form factor than a bulky one. The switches on the radio are something that we usually overlook and take for granted.


What are switches to begin with?


Switches are devices or controllers that are used to turn on and off devices. Or in other cases such as your transmitter radio, it would be used as an input to select few modes or arm your quad. In that case, the switch acts not as an on/off device but rather an input device.

Take any transmitter radio and you will find one or more switches. In case of the FrSky X Lite, you will find multiple switches such as shown below.


In the above images, you see that radio has 4 switches on its back. These are three position and spring-loaded momentary switches. You can use these switches to program all sorts of stuff for your quad. For example, using the momentary switch for modes like PRE-ARM along with another switch for ARM will help you have much better control over your drones arming feature and helps prevent accidental arming when just using a single switch without pre-arm.


Another 3 position switch can be used for your flight modes such as angle mode, horizon mode and air mode or whatever is that you use.


Why replace switches?


I think the answer to this question is quite obvious. The only main reason to swap out and replace your radio’s switches is if in case you break them. You might have accidentally dropped your radio and your switch might have gotten damaged or broken during the impact. Trust me, I know as this has happened to me and my friends as well. Other than a broken switch the other reason I can think of it is that if you wish to mod your 2 position switch to a 3 position switch or the other way around. Or maybe change your two-position switch for an extra momentary switch. This is indeed possible and we might cover this in another article in the future.


How to replace the switches on your radio


In order to replace your radio’s switches, you first need to get spares for it.

HorusRC has a page dedicated tot eh X-Lite radio and its accessories including replacement switches. Do keep in mind that the switches on the X Lite come as a pair on a PCB like shown below.


 There are pros and cons to this. On the pro side, replacing the switches is quite easy as you only need to swap them out by plugging the new one in after taking out the old one, without having to solder them. On the con side, this means that you cannot replace just a single switch but rather both of them on one side.

 To replace it, first, open up your X Lite radio carefully by removing the hidden screws as shown.


 After opening up the radio, you will have to very carefully remove the circuit boards on the top along with the wires to get to the switches.


Now you can replace the switchboard on the radio carefully and replace it with the new one and then do all these steps in reverse. Replace the board, put the circuit boards back in position, close up the radio and screw it back in and voila! You have a brand new working switch on your radio. Easy peasy!





In this article, we have seen about the FrSky X Lite Switches and the reasons for replacing them along with a quick how-to on how to replace them carefully and properly. By doing this replacement, you will have a brand new (pair) of switches on your radio that will help you get back in the air and start flying again. Get your spares for FrSky X Lite radio at HorusRC