In Frsky X series receivers we have a few versions of receivers that are suitable for any type of RC model, whether they are drones , cars , planes, helicopters or boats, having several options to choose from depending on which model we have to use it for.

This series of receivers, how could it be otherwise, work with a frequency range of 2.4 Gh which is currently the most used frequency since it is practically impossible to interfere with the frequency of another pilot.


Frsky X Series Rx8R Receiver

This model is a receiver that has 8 PWM channels and 16 –S BUS channels , we can also obtain 16 PWM channels by joining two receivers by S bus.

We can also find the RX8R pro model , it has all the same features, including redundancy. The Pro version has higher precision and lower latency. Its PWM deviation is reduced to 0.5us, and the PWM output delay is 9 ms less than that of the X8R in high speed mode. A feature that deserves mention is the decrease in the interference effect caused by the ignition process .

These receivers are very good for radio controlled aircraft since we have a wide variety of channels for all the servos we need.


Frsky X Series X6R Receiver

This receiver model that has 6 PWM channel outputs, and 16 channels dedicated to its S.BUS output, and is one of the high-end Frsky receiver models .

This receiver is very good for the Taranis X9D with its integrated XJT module or any of the D8 systems to take advantage of all its intelligent channels, and it has a size similar to that of any conventional PWM receiver.

Also we can find the enhanced version RX6R that is of a size more small, has all the functions of the X6R but with much less latency, also supports redundancy function with which we can add a second auxiliary receiver in case the main fail.

As we can see in the image, it has two antennas with IPEX 4 connector that facilitates their replacement in case of breakage of these, it is not one of the most important things in this model but very practical.


Frsky X Series XSR Receiver

These are receiving the most small brand widely used for drones racing for almost any model multirotor .

They are receivers that have double antenna, and compatible with CPPM mode, SBUS mode, and smart port , it is compatible with Taranis and XJT modules in D16 mode.

Among the XSR receivers we can also find the XSR-M which is the middle brother of the XSR family, this is a model of the most modern and one of the most used in racer drones .

This receiver is smaller than the XSR and has two connector antennas mini IPX, has output capability SBUS or PPM, and has telemetry incorporated so as holes sujetcion for direct mounting on drones with the controller board at a distance of 15 x 15 mm for micro drones .

Also can be found in this family of receptors R-XSR which is a micro mini receiver, is the most smallest of all because it is 1/3 of the size of the XSR and with only 1/3 of the weight of the XSR .

This model has 16 channels with a switchable SBUS and CPPM output signal , it also has 2 antennas with an easy-to-replace IPX connector like its two older brothers, which is very practical in these receivers that are widely used in racer drones and can be break easily.

The Frsky X series receivers all have upgradeable software to be able to program them with the software that we have installed in our station, which makes them very compatible with any Frsky station that we want to use with our receiver, and when it comes to selling or exchanging them for another model we have no problems.


XM + receiver

This is the recipient but smaller than we Encon strate in the X series, including SEAGA Uraria the most smallest of the market , with as only weighing 1.6g and reduced size of 21 * 12 * 3 mm, very apt for pilots who want to minimize the weight of their drain.

This receiver does not have an S port, it only has SBUS and it has 16 channels, it cannot be used for telemetry configurations, they work in D 16 mode and it has a range of 1 km.