In this article, we are going to visit one of the premium transmitter radios from FrSky - the Horus Frsky X10S radio, one of the top radios from FrSky in the Horus line up. The Horus line of products from FrSky are high-quality premium transmitters from FrSky with all top of the line specs. The X10, X10s and X12 are probably the three highest quality TX Frsky has ever made.


Accessories that include the package of the Frsky X10S radio:

  • Travel case
  • 2 x gimbal protectors
  • DC Adapter for battery charging
  • FrSky neck strap
  • Manual
  • FrSky stickers

Differences Between Horus Frsky X10S radio and X10

The FrSky X10S radio is $60 more expensive than the X10 version, but the main difference is just the gimbals. While the Horus FrSky X10 has the FrSky M10 hall sensor gimbals with adjustable sticks, the Horus FrSky X10S is equipped with the best Frsky gimbal till date, the MC12P,  with higher accuracy and better control precision when controlling your craft. The bearings and the mechanics of this gimbal just show how good the craftsmanship on this radio is.

X10S Physical Appearance

There are three different colours you can choose from with the Horus X10S

  • Carbon fibre
  • Silver
  • Amber

The Frsky X10S radio is 21x21x6cm and weights about 1050g including battery.

Switches and Pots


The Horus FrSky X10Shas 8 toggle switches and 3 pots for analogue movement which is just only one more than the number of pots in the Taranis X9D which is more than enough for multirotors and FPV pilots.


The control surfaces are in similar locations as seen on the Q7X and X9D.

There are 3 pots situated in the top centre of the transmitter while there are four switches and a rotary slider at the top corners of each side of the radio.

Same as the Taranis, the first switch on the top right is a 3-position switch.

Buttons & Neck Strap Hook

The neck strap hook on the frsky X10S version is situated below the power button. The neck strap hook doesn’t come with a balancer, it has a bar with 3-4 holes so you can adjust the “hang point” of the neck strap. The radio doesn’t hang flat without the balancer.

On the FrSky X10S version, the LCD screen and menu buttons are located under the gimbals, and the buttons are situated on the left-hand side of the screen are for the accessing to the specific features and functions that the transmitter has, while the scrolling wheel on the right is for easy navigation through the menu.

The centre button on of the wheel is the enter key.

It’s the same he scrolling wheel from the QX7 or x9d plus 2019, and it’s just so much easier to use than the buttons on the X9D.

The Screen

I really like the larger and higher resolution colour screen that the FrSky X10S has compared to the other Frsky transmitters.

The LCD screen has a small dimension of 96x56mm and a sort of low resolution of 480 x 272 pixels but is good enough for radio, especially the colour dislpay!. The colour display has improved the usability of the transmitter, and the information can be presented more clearly.

But probably you will shorter battery life due to the brighter, colour screen.

Inside the radio

To open the case of the Frsky X10S you have to remove 4 screws to get access at the back of the radio. Once the screws are removed, the back panel just comes out with ease because there are no wires or electronics attached to it.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the case was the 3 U.FL connectors for the antennas: 1 is for the external antenna and two for the internal antennas. It will give you a better signal with your receiver.

OpenTX on Horus X10S

The good thing is that OpenTX supports the Frsky X10S and you can flash it, OpenTX on the X10 radio is basically the same system as the one on the QX7 or X9D, they have just only adjusted to fit the bigger colour display.

Flashing OpenTX to your Horus radio is totally reversible, so if you want it is possible to go back if you want to change to FrOS.

In this article, we have seen about the younger brother to the X12S radio, the FrSky X10S radio and how it stacks up against the other radio and the key differences.