A Step by step tutorial to Upgrade the firmware on your Frsky x7 radios

 This is a step by step tutorial for updating your FrSky x7 Radio to the latest openTX Firmware. Why do you want to Update the Firmware in your Radio? The answer is obvious, It will unlock many features and improve the performance of your Radio. If you are still running the Stock Firmware in your Radio, then updating the Firmware will give you amazing results. 

 OpenTX is an Open source firmware for Radio Transmitters. The firmware allows you to highly customize parameters and features on your Frsky x7 radio, Much more than you can do with the stock firmware in it. For example, Flashing the LUA Script will enable the feature to Change the VTX Parameters from Your Radio Like changing the Band, Channel, and Output power. Isn't it a cool Feature? So let's get started.


Items Required:

  • Frsky x7 Radio
  • Laptop or Personal Computer
  • Internet Connection
  • USB Mini Cable


We are using the Laptop or Personal Computer to Update the Firmware, But we can also do the same by inserting an SD card to the Radio. But it Is not customizable like adding Custom Splash Screen (The welcome image screen in your Radio, usually it is "OpenTX" in stock Firmwares). So it is recommended to use a Laptop or Personal Computer to Update the Firmware in Order to highly Customize it. 


Step 1: Booting into Bootloader Mode


 We cannot update the Firmware like installing an application in your Smart Phone. It has to be in the Bootloader mode to erase the current firmware and to flash the new firmware. It is the same even for your Smart Phone and electronic Gadgets. How to enable the Bootloader Mode varies from Devices to Devices but it is pretty simple to enable it in your Frsky x7 Radio. In Order to do this follow the below steps:


  • Turn off your Transmitter if it is Turned On
  • Push both horizontal Trim Switches Inward
  • While Holding both horizontal Trim Switches Inward, Turn On your Transmitter


Tada! Now it is in Bootloader Mode. In the Bootloader Menu, Select the "Write Firmware"  option and plug-in your transmitter to your PC with a mini USB cable. Your Laptop or Personal Computer should automatically detect and install the necessary drivers for it. Now let's go to Step 2:


Step 2: Installing OpenTX Companion


 We need the latest version of the OpenTX Companion application to install the latest Firmware in the Frsky x7 Radio. Go to this link  http://www.open-tx.org  and go to the download section to download the latest OpenTX Companion application for Your Operating System. Once it is Downloaded, Install it in Your Laptop or Personal Computer. Now we are completed Step 2. Let's jump to Step 3:


Step 3: Configuring OpenTX Companion


First, we have to launch the OpenTX Companion software on the PC or Laptop. Select the "Settings" from the top menu as shown in the Screenshot Attached.


A pop-up window will open up. This is where we make the changes and customize the settings for the Frsky x7 radio. Do it as of the Following;


  • Select the radio Profile, choose FrSky Taranis X7/X7S under "Radio Profile"
  • Select the preferred language under the "Menu Language" (This is going to be the language of your Radio)
  • Cross-check the Lua Box to Enable Lua Script. (This is the feature that enables you to change the VTX Parameters through Radio). If you don't need this feature, then ignore it.
  • If you are in EU, then cross mark the "EU" option, leave it blank if your radio is already NON-EU

Enable the "flexr9m" if you are using R9M module with flex firmware, Otherwise, you will not be able to change setti8mgs of R9M with your Frsky x7 Radio

  • Leave the other build options to default, not unless you want to change them. The purpose of those build options are briefly described below;
  • ppmus: Displays channel values in microseconds instead of %.
  • nooverridech: No OVERRIDE CHx functions available.
  • faimode: Disables all telemetry except for RSSI and voltage, for compliance with contest regulations.
  • faichoice: Adds a menu entry in the radio general settings to enable FAI mode. Allows you to train on contest day with telemetry, then turn FAI mode on in the menu before the contest to disable telemetry. FAI mode can then not be turned off on the radio again without connecting to a computer to avoid cheating.



Step4: Updating the Firmware


 Select the download button from the Top Menu of the OpenTX Companion. Click on the download firmware button from the Popup Window. It will download the latest version for your Frsky x7 radio. Now we have downloaded the firmware and it is time to flash it.

 Select "Write Firmware to Radio" Button from the Left Panel of the OpenTX Companion. See the screenshot for reference. The OpenTX companion software will now begin to flash the firmware onto your radio. Do not worry if the status bar gets stuck at some value like 25% or 50%. Please be patient and the process will be completed very soon.


 You have now flashed the latest version of OpenTX into your Frsky x7 Radio. If you are getting an SD Card error when turning On the Radio, then you need to copy the SD Card contents. Although you will be able to use Audio files even if SD card error shows. So it is all up to you to download the latest SD Card Contents for the latest Firmware or Copy the current files to the New Folders. Either way, do this if the SD Card Error becomes quite annoying to you. 

 I hope this tutorial has helped you to flash your Radio to the latest Firmware and to enjoy all the new Features.