With the QX7 being one of the hottest selling radios FrSky has ever released, it was important that they update it with a slightly upgraded version and they released the FrSky X7S and in this article, we shall see what its pros & cons are, its specifications and features and finally decide to see if it is indeed a great value purchase in 2020.


As an initial impression, the FrSky X7S is just like its younger brother, the QX7, with the exact same form factor and looks. The outside visible changes on this new radio include the new black grip along with the M7 gimbals. The new Blue & Black colour combination is a striking colour combo which will definitely turn some heads. The QX7S is also available in a Carbon Fibre body as well( not actually made of carbon fibre but has the same looks).

Just like the younger sibling, the FrSkyQX7, this radio will be more inclined towards thumbers than pinchers.

Not to mention that the FrSky X7S comes with a carry case as well and a charger as well that is included in the price, which is a nice touch ;)

The switches on the radio are positioned in an okay manner although two switches at the backside of the radio might interfere with your finger position while you are holding the radio due to its location. Quality isn’t too bad either as it gets the job done fairly well.

With the scroll wheel being a much better execution than the switches in X9D and other radios, it feels much easier to navigate the menu and the display is also sufficiently large enough to display the texts and small scale graphics.

Coming to the Gimbals, they are what sets the Frsky X7S apart from the QX7. The FrSky X7S comes pre-installed with hall-effect based M7 gimbals, thus giving you more precision, smoother stick movements and longer lifespan as well.

The Back


The back of the radio has a battery compartment that comes pre-installed with 2000mAh NiMh battery along with the JR module bay that holds your external modules such as the Team Black Sheep CrossFire system or the new Tracer. You can, of course, connect FrSky’s own long-range system - the R9M system.

Exactly like the Taranis QX7

The Bottom

The bottom portion of the radio houses the SD card slot, Mini USB for connecting to your PC and updating firmware or for simulators and finally the SmartPort connector to update your receivers and such.


(Image representative only - the QX7 and the X7S have the same form)

The Insides

(Image representative only - the QX7 and the X7S have the same form except for the M7 gimbals and the unpopularity Bluetooth module on the right side of the motherboard)

With neatly kept wiring, even the insides of this radio are well built and thought out. The connecting wires are all made up of silicon wires and all the wiring is neatly tucked with holders in place. With each switch’s wires neatly tucked inside heat shrink, you do not need to worry about random short outs.

You can also see the tiny vibration motor on the bottom right part.

The FrSky X7S also comes with an integrated Bluetooth Module (not shown in the image) for wireless trainer and simulator connectivity to your phone or your PC for simulator playing.

At the top of the interior, you can find the RF board with ACCESS firmware if you are buying the latest X7S and two 3.5mm jacks - one for connecting to an external speaker or a pair of earphones and the other being for trainer port or ‘buddy-boxing’ as it was once used to be called in the hobby. One unfortunate pointer is that on some models, the 2.4G antenna is directly soldered onto the RF board. Although this is not a major issue, it can become a hassle if you ever want to switch out the antennas for a higher dB antenna or a patch antenna.


Model Name

Taranis FrSky X7S

Transmitter Color

Blue/ Carbon Fiber

Number of Channels

16 channels (up to 32 channels)

Operating Voltage Range

6.5~15V (2S, 3S Lipos are acceptable)

Operating Current

[email protected]

Operating Temperature


Backlight LCD Screen

128*64 LCD

Flash Memory

16MB(extendible by SD card)





  • Hall sensor M7 gimbal
  • Receiver match
  • Audio speech outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
  • Real-time flight data logging
  • Receiver signal strength indicator (RSSI) alerts
  • Inbuilt wireless trainer system
  • Super-low latency
  • Vibration alerts
  • Model files are compatible with TARANIS X9D/X9D Plus/X9E/X7.
  • Open source firmware OpenTX installed.
  • Support connect the Free Link App for telemetry


Pros & Cons



  • A cheaper alternative to Taranis X9D
  • An Internal XJT module is same as X9D which gives you a similar range as well
  • Light and small radio
  • Good build quality
  • M7 gimbals pre-installed
  • An improved speaker compared to the X9D
  • Integrated wireless trainer Bluetooth module for wireless SIM connectivity
  • Comes with a 2000mAh battery in the box
  • Comes with a charger to charge the battery
  • Comes with a nice rugged case


  • Small LCD with a single blue colour back-lighting.
  • Highly outdated Mini USB with a not-so-convenient location (bottom mounted)
  • No in-build battery charging facility


With a great set of features and upgraded items from the original FrSky QX7, the FrSky X7S is surely a worthy contender but with pricing inching closely with the X9D series, should you buy one? That’s your choice.