FrSky X9D and X9D plus is a great radio that you can even grab in 2020. It was the all-time favorite of hobbyists for the last decade Because of its robust and versatile design packed with tons of features. However, owning the radio is not all about it. We should be able to keep it safe and maintain it well. The radio is very delicate and fragile which may not be able to survive even a fall from a bench. Hence, utmost care should be taken while carrying and handling the radio. So we are going to check the need for having a FrSky X9D case for keeping your radio safe.

There are many cases available for X9D plus radio. Some are manufactured by FrSky itself and some others are manufactured by different companies. Even some of these come with radio packed in it. Most of the Special edition FrSky transmitters like Qx7S, X9dPlus SE, HorusX10 comes with a nice case that is designed for it. FrSky EVA case is an example of the FrSky X9D Case.

Benefits of a Case for your Radio

Dust Proof

If your radio is sitting idle for weeks or months or even for years, like any other gadgets and devices, if it is sitting idle open, then there will be dust all over it. It will cause fading the color of your radio and make it look like a sunburn.

The dust can cover the gimbals and it might even enter the radio through the little gaps in your radio. It is sure to happen, if you have the upgraded M9, M9R, M7, M7R hall sensor gimbals because the gap is much wider in it than the stock gimbals. The dust can cause a hindrance to the smooth movement of the gimbals and you will feel ruggedness once you use it after many weeks or months.

Hence using a Case will preserve your radio and it will look the same as how you put it in the case even after many months.

Water Proof

Not all the cases need not be waterproof even though all of them will be dustproof. As far as I have checked, almost all the FrSky X9D Case that is specially made for it is advertised as waterproof which is something great. If your radio is sitting on your bench desk or in your room, then it might not come in contact with water, under usual conditions. But that is not the case when you go out flying in the field.

There might be people who doesnt go out in the fields to fly their RC planes or Quadcopters and just have fun with their whoops or indoor crafts. But that might seem weird as almost everyone likes to go out and fly in the fields and in their best spots. It doesn’t matter for people who don’t intend to go out flying although FrSky X9D Case still can be useful in terms of dustproof.

Consider the situation where it rains or you might run into a situation similar to it, then your radio and other electronic devices will be most prone to damages caused by the rusting due to the water contact. Even though, sudden contact with the water might not damage it, But, it is still prone to damage not unless it is properly cleaned. Hence such a FrSky X9D Case will protect your radio even if you put it in the field while raining. How cool is that right?


This article reiterated the need for having a FrSky X9D Case for your FrSky X9D or X9D plus radio which is really great and protects your radio from dust, water, and even from fallouts. So if you are planning to get a Taranis or horus radio, Then go for something that comes with a case like the special edition radios or buy it separately. The FrSky EVA case is really great if you have enough space in your backpack to accommodate it or go for some compact case. However, when you go for very compact ones, the protection that it might offer will be low.

When going for a case, you can consider an all in one backpack for your FPV needs like the Lowpro BPx3 where it will satisfy all your needs. You will not need a extra Bag or carrying case to put all the other things. Hence it is good choice.