rc transmitter description

This Frsky  x9d plus se rc control retains the traditional form, but frsky has given it some modern touches. For example, this command incorporates a very good size screen that allows you to see the flight information in a clear and simple way, or the option to disassemble the antenna, which is very good at the time of transport, since it can be damaged by blows. . If it is disassembled it is more comfortable, it allows you to change the gimbals easily and you can modify the hardness and feel of the stiks by tightening or loosening a single screw. the software can be easily updated with the companion open tx program. it has a telemetry system that sends the drone data in real time to the station. unlike other brands the brands these transmitters incorporate the rssi system to find out the coverage of the I set aside on the screen of the station and on the osd of the fpv glasses.

In the photo I show my station Frsky taranis x9d se. I have been using it for more than 2 years and I am very happy with it because it has not given me any problem. I usually use it to fly racing fpv drones and sometimes fpv wings.

o rear of the transmitter

In the back of the station . It incorporates a metal support to place a fpv monitor or to place it comfortably when not in use. Beneath the slot for the module input it incorporates a micro usb port to make updates or to play in simulators, it also incorporates a Jack input to connect the headphones.

In the lower part of the rear housing of the Frsky taranis there is a space to place the battery, neither mh or lipo and in that space also to place the micro sd card.


o Main features

-Living room gimbal with four balls

-Installed open source firmware - OpenTX

-Built-in charger circuit and 6-cell NiMH battery

-Low latency real-time flight data recording

-Audio voice outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.) vibration

-RSSI for the received signal strength indicator

-Outdoor readable blue / white screen

-Gimbals: Hall Sensor M9

-Bar ends: custom M4 CNC aluminum gimbal stick ends

-Shells: carbon fiber / fiery skull / camouflage / rock monster

-Antenna: Detachable SMA antenna

-Switches: updated switches


o Receivers compatible

The Frsky taranis x9d se supports sbus pwm and ppm.

-x series receivers, d series receivers and others like r9m or crosfire if we put the external module on the back

possibility of placing the r9m module to make long distance flights at a frequency of 900mhz its receivers incorporate tipot antennas that receive a better signal

o Box content of the Frsky taranis x9d se

-Frsky taranis x9d se station

-neck strap,protectors for gimbal

-antenna 2.4 ghz

-Use manual,protective case

-frsky stickers

-Battery Ni Mh 2000 mah 7.2vCharger


o Pros and cons

Pros: The Frsky taranis  is a very complete station. Very compact construction, uses good quality materials. It is quite ergonomic and comfortable both if you fly with your thumbs and if you fly in the form of a clip. It has a fairly intuitive menu system, at first it may seem somewhat complex but you will manage it easily in a few days.It is priced at $ 249 in horus rc, I find it a very competitive price for the quality of this Frsky taranis x9d se

With the Frsky taranis trasmitter  I have gone away 1.5km with an xm + receiver and with a rxsr 2km without any problem

I like that you can put the voices in the desired language through the open tx system


o Suggestions

Frsky taranis x9d se station can be changed by the battery, for a 2s lipo battery

it's great to have a spare battery

It is recommended to make gimbal protectors that fit the sticks more so that their protection will be much more effective. I print them in 3d with tpu

it is recommended to bring the station updated to the latest version of open tx and the receivers also bring updates up to date