The Frsky X9D is a traditional style station that has become very popular in the world of model aircraft, widely used by both aircraft and helicopter or multicopter pilots for its great versatility and multiple functions.

  This Frsky X9D station is a station that transmits in 2.4 Gh and has 16 Ch that can be customized to our liking as it suits us in each model , it has a memory for 60 models expandable by micro SD card.

  It has numerous controls: 4 sticks normal in all stations esrte type, two sliders, two potentiometers , 6 SWITCHES 3 position, one 2 - position switch and one 2 - position switch spring, and all freely programmable .

  The Frsky X9D has the open Open TX protocol that thanks to its large backlit screen and its 6 buttons, it is quite easy to navigate through the menu and make the relevant programming and we have a wide variety of languages.

  This station has an internal 2.4 Gh module with telemetry capable of transmitting up to 16 Ch with a refresh rate of 9 ms for a maximum of 8 Ch and 18 ms for 9 - 16 Ch, supporting the D8 protocol as well like the new modes of D16 and LR12.

  Frsky X9D has a hole in the upper central rear part that by simply removing the cover we can incorporate an external module that also supports 16 Ch in various protocols according to the flight system that we want to do, such as the long range . 

  It has a 2000 mA battery that gives us a very good durability of use and is easily replaceable so that we can have another backup battery so that we never get stranded due to lack of battery.

  Fraky X9D has a practical system audio alerts that tells us many things and in multiple languages, very practical about everything to flight mode FPV and that having glasses on do not see the screen of the sending and warnings audio can help us on multiple occasions.

  The allocation of transmission channels is totally free, and it is capable of transmitting with two modules simultaneously (internal and external) and if we put an external module with the option of creating a redundant system in the same channels they are transmitted via RF both internal and external we can transmit up to 32 independent Chs simultaneously .

  It has a very practical micro USB connection port to install software updates so that we do not get out of date and very practical to be able to use our station in a simulator without having to buy a specific cable .

  It has some sticks mounted on very comfortable and quite precise bearings that we can customize by calibrating them to our liking or we can even choose the option of others of higher quality and precision such as the M9 guimbals .

  It also has a tipò yack connector to connect the battery charger so it is not necessary to remove the battery from our station every time we have to charge it, it works in a range of 6 - V and supports 2s and 3s lipos .

  Frsky X9D is a fully customizable station with a range of colors to choose from and special models with a multitude of more or less colorful seriegraphs such as the camo color casing or carbon effect casings, we have the option to buy the station to our liking or if we have the gray one we can buy the case and change it for the one we like the most .

  This station also has improved versions such as the Frsky X9D plus or the Frsky X9D that have some improvements such as noise reduction, alert for vivration 2-color screen and in the case of precision gimbals .

  We can also find the Frsky X9D 2019 which is a version based on the previous one but with some modification such as the replacement of the 3 menu control buttons on the right of the screen with a wheel that allows us to navigate faster through the menus or changing the ignition switch for a push button.

  This version has all the characteristics of its previous version with a lower latency and also has a momentary push button located in the upper left part of the station, very practical for specific actions.