Very small, lightweight, minimal, yet highly functional! The FRSKY XM+ SBUS Receiver is perfect for FPV racing and whoops. It has as good of range as any other FRSKY receiver on the market, with the added benefit of diversity antennas, while also being the smallest of the smallest and most lightweight (1.6g) option. If you do not use FRSKY telemetry, or you don't know what that is, then this is the receiver for you! Just for you!

The FrSky XM+ radio receiver is a tiny SBUS diversity RX from Frsky. It’s insanely small and lightweight making it a great alternative option to X4R-SB and XSR RX for micro quad builds. In this post, we will show you the features of XM+ and how to use it in the way how they should be used.

Features at a Glance

  • The much smaller size, Compact factor and lightweight than X4R-SB and XSR
  • It’s a full range receiver, similar range to X4R-SB and XSR with diversity receivers
  • Using same antenna/connector as the X4R-SB which is the Ipex 4, replacement is very easy
  • It’s possible to direct solder RX to FC with header pins without wires to make it very compact in tight builds (if FC supports it)
  • Only 3 pins: Vcc, GND and Signal – there is no confusion in wiring

How to get RSSI

This part is for those who would like to display RSSI in OSD. By default, RSSI pin outputs PWM signal (0-3.3V). Please be aware that this signal should not be connected to MinimOSD directly, as it will give you 0% or 100% only. Hence you will need a digital to analogue converter (low pass filter) to convert PWM to analog voltage level in order to connect it to MinimOSD.

However the FrSky XM+ can output RSSI through Channel 16, so in Betaflight/Cleanflight you should set to use CH16 for telemetry signal and limit aux channels to 12 to display RSSI in OSD.

Binding and How to set Failsafe

Binding and Failsafe Setup process is exactly the same as of other X series of Frsky Receivers like the R-XSR, XSR etc. Red LED on RX means it’s not bound or not detecting TX. To bind, enter the Bind mode on TX, hold down F/S button on RX and power on in order to enter into the Bind Mode. After a few seconds, the Green LED will light up indicates binding has completed. It is as simple as that.

To setup up failsafe, power on both TX and RX. Set your TX channels to desired positions, and press the F/S button on the RX. The green LED should flash and indicates failsafe has been setup. Please confirm if failsafe is now working as expected by turning off TX. If you want to remove the failsafe, then simply unbind the receiver


We really can't see how a receiver can get any smaller! The FrSky XM+ is a 'full range' receiver (so the same range as your X4R and XSR setups) from FrSky that measures just 12.5 x 12mm and weighs in at 1.6g. If you're working on a tight build or a whoop and need to keep an eye on your AUW this is the way to go.

No depinning here - you can just solder up your 5v, ground and single wires and you're ready to go with SBUS. You can solder the Pins if you prefer the JST connectors. To get an Rx this small and light something has to give and in the case of the XM+, it's the S.Port connection. Everything comes at a Price, Right?

The only telemetry here is RSSI which is sent back to your radio and can be passed to your flight controller and added to your OSD. The receiver comes flashed with the non-EU firmware as standard. A great little diversity Radio receiver from Frsky, the FrSky XM+ is perfect for racing drones when you want full radio range but don’t have the space to fit a normal receiver


The Ultra Light FrSky XM+ Receiver with diversity antennas and the full range is such a great option if you are looking for a reliable and compact size receiver for your tight builds, micro builds or even Tiny whoops. Hope this article has helped someone to learn more about XM+ receiver.