In this article, we are going to see the differences between the frsky xm+ and the frsky r9m module and receivers, we are going to discover which receiver provides us with better characteristics and which firmware is better if the r9 firmware or the xm+ firmware.


Frsky Xm+

Frsky XM+ is a Small Size Reciever that only weighs 1.6g. It is a  Full Range receiver that can give you a distance of 1.5km of distance. The receiver has a Dual Antenna which means you have diversity with it. It has an IPEX V4 Antenna which makes it easier to change the antenna in case if it breaks and you don’t need to do any soldering to replace it.

One of the things that this receiver don’t support is the telemetry, the telemetry is a dual way communication between your Radio and receiver, as you can receive data such as Flight Time, Battery Voltage, Battery Consumption, RSSI, etc From your Flight Controller to the Radio through the Receiver. Even though you can receive the RSSI output from the 16th Channel of the Receiver.

The receiver is very compact and simple in its design with only three-pin outputs, power, Signal, and Ground which makes it very simple to connect to the Flight Controller. There are no complications in the Connections and It is very easy to configure.  Only SBUS Output mode is available in the Receiver with the D16 Mode of the Frsky Radio. A wide range of Input voltage (3.7-10v) is accepted by the receiver But it is highly recommended to Connect a 5V output from your Flight Controller to it as you don’t need to find any other Battery Eliminator Circuits.

You can use this receiver in a 5-inch build as well as in a smaller build because of its small size factor. It will suit any build where housing space is challenging.  This may be the best Frsky receiver for Micro and Whoop Builds where you fly it in Closed Environment because it doesn’t support telemetry and it can be a good option for racing builds, because you can place it the receiver between the 4in1 ESC and the flight controller, or use the pins that it brings to make a clean build above the FC.




FrSky R9 and R9M radio control system is the first FrSky long-range system that works in the frequency of 900MHz. The R9M module offers 4 switchable RF power outputs so you can choose the appropriate power for different flight situations. Compared to another FrSky 2.4GHz long range receiver like the L9R, the R9 receiver has a longer operating range up to 10KM and above.

You can change the stock antenna to a super 8 antenna that can help you to have a better gain on your signal because the signal wave is different.

The r9m is mainly intended for long-range, but if you want you can use it for racing, it gives you a lower latency than other receivers and you will never get failsafe thanks to his protocol that gives you a security binding with your r9 receiver.

You can power on the module with an external battery with a voltage between 4V~12V, is highly recommended use a 2s battery

The r9 firmware is so easy to set up, you have to put the r9 on his port in the backside of the transmitter, next you have to charge the EU or non-eu last firmware for having the last upgrades in your module, next set up the external module on the model page in your transmitter, normally the external rf is off, you have to change it to the version you have.

Binding is so easy, you only have to put your module on binding mode and press the bind button on the receiver meanwhile you put the battery and that’s all.



The r9mm receiver is one of the best options for racing and long-range with r9m, it’s size is so small and it’s easy to set up on your flight controller, this receiver includes telemetry that can give you a lot of information of your drone during the flight how RSSI value, battery voltage and if you have GPS it can show you the altitude and latitude and distance from home.

This receiver works on 900mhz and uses an antenna that is easy to put in one of your arm of the frame, the operating voltage is from 3.5V to 10V but is highly recommended using a 5V output.



In conclusion, for racing is better the r9m module with the r9mm receiver because it gives you a better distance with no failsafe, it has a lower latency that for racing is highly recommended for do all the movements correctly.

It is easy to set up and configure it and the best thing is that you can change the power output for different situations and if you want you can do racing and long-range with the same drone because the r9m can change the power output automatically.