In today's article we are going to explain how we should frsky xm plus binding with any radio model from the well-known company frsky

First step we must know the characteristics that our xm plus receiver has to function correctly. This receiver model must be fed at a voltage of 5v for correct operation and the rx pad located at the end of the receiver will be placed by soldering the white wire to an rx output of a uart port of our controller board.

At the time of the link, a series of problems can occur

1-That the correct mode is not selected for our station, that is to say that to Binde this xm plus receiver it is necessary to put our frsky remote control in d16 mode and without telemetry

2-the firmware version of our remote control and that of the signal receiver element are not compatible. To solve this error you have to go to the official frsky website and download the correct firmware and once our correct file is downloaded we must place it on the sd card of our station and from the menu of our station we will flash them with our correct version and so you should link them without any problem

3-Another very common failure is not having the station updated to the latest version, so it is recommended at least once a month to connect our station to the computer and check if there are new updates and improvements for our rc control station

4-We must also take into account that both the misora ​​and the rc remote control are both in international FCC mode or European LBT mode. In other words, if for example we have our station in LBT mode and our xm plus receiver in international mode, it is impossible for them to communicate. It will be necessary to put both parties in FCC or LBT

The binding process is very simple.

1-once the receiver is soldered to our controller board, we will press the small button of our xm + and then we will connect the lipo battery, once this step is done we will see that two fixed LEDs light up on the receiver, one green and one red

2-in our station in my case the taranis x9d plus we go to the menu of our model in my case for example a racing drone and where it says receiver we select the option in which it says D16 and we will get a menu with 4 different options and We will take 16 channels without telemetry and finally we will select the option below where 3 says BIND. When we press bind, the station makes a few small beeps and we will see that the green led light of our receiver will begin to flash that means that it already has communication. Next step, disconnect the drone battery and turn off the station. If when connecting the battery to the drone and turning on our control knob the light on our receiver stays green, we will have successfully linked our receiver.