FrSky XSR Antenna Length. With this guide you are going to learn which is the correct FrSky XSR Antenna Length for an XSR replacement antenna so you can replace your antenna without worrying about if the length of the irradiating part on your antenna is going to give you any problems with the range of your receiver in the case that you must replace one because maybe you have cut off your receiver antenna by accident and you need to know the FrSky XSR Antenna Length for an XSR.

Which antennas do the FrSky XSR receiver use?

This model of receiver uses monopole antennas which are very simple, they are made of a coaxial wire which is a wire covered in a plastic insulation which covers a braided shield which should be connected to gnd, inside this shield it is another insulated cover protecting the core, when you remove the birded shield over the core, and it remains exposed, every part of it that doesn't have the shield will be the radiating part of the antenna.

For this reason, it is important to use official FrSky antennas, because this will have the radiating part of the antennas at the most accurate FrSky XSR Antenna Length. The problem is that there are many antennas with different irradiating part length, so is crucial to get the correct length, for this reason, we must take in consideration the wavelength of the signal, which can be a number multiple of the signal wavelength. For aircraft models we commonly use the quarter of the wavelength.

The XSR receiver works with 2.4GHz frequency, so, theoretically the FrSky XSR Antenna Length which is recommended to be a quarter of the wavelength would be 31.2mm long, this value is obtained from the speed of light divided by the frequency, in this case 2.4 gigahertz, but then, as we are looking for a quarter of the wavelength, we divide this number by 4 and we obtain around 31,2 millimeters.

As I have already said, the active element should be 31.2mm long, this would be ideally the perfect FrSky XSR Antenna Length, but the truth about the XSR receiver is that this receiver has been designed with some inductance achieved by some specific electronic elements, so, as the stock antenna length, the length of the replacement antenna must be as near as possible to 26mm, for this reason, this type of antennas can be sometimes more difficult to find.


Antenna Replacement Tutorial

With all this information about the FrSky XSR Antenna Length in mind, now I will give you some useful tips if any of your antennas are broken and you need to replace them. First of all is to get the monopole antenna you need, with the length of the active element of 26mm as we already said.

Once you have clear that the FrSky XSR Antenna Length is the correct one, you must start by removing the broken antenna you want to replace, so with a soldering iron you can easily desolder it. Then, if your replacement antennas have an IPEX connector, you must cut it, this is because the XSR receiver doesn't have connectors for the antennas, and you also have to peel off the first isolation layer just by the tip of the side where it was the IPEX connector, and next, twist the braided shield to one side, and tin it.


Now, peel of the second layer of insulation, make sure that you don't remove too much, otherwise, the braided shield can make a shortcut with the inner core, remember also to tin the inner core, by doing this, you have prepared the new antenna with the correct FrSky XSR Antenna Length to solder it to the pads of the receiver. So, to finish with the tutorial, the only thing remaining is to solder back the two wires, the shield and the core of the replacement antenna, where they were soldered with the previous antenna.

Other useful tip in order not to damage the receiver is to solder first the shield to its pad as this pad is bigger but also stronger, and then, you can easily solder the core of the antenna to the long range receiver, this is because the signal pad is more fragile, and by doing this you don´t have to worry that much about damaging this pad that can be pulled off in a distraction if you are not careful with it.