A receiver is one of the most vital parts of a UAV as it is what helps the pilot to control or maneuver his UAV where he wants it to move. FrSky XSR receiver is one such receiver that FrSky manufactures for its line of radio transmitters.

In this tutorial, we’ll see how to bind the FrSky XSR receiver to FrSky radio. We need to do this so that the radio can “talk to” the UAV wirelessly. Binding is a one-time process so you don’t need to bind the receivers every time you want to control it with a radio except after you have updated the receiver or the transmitter module, but even in that scenario, it is very rare you need to rebind it.


Step 1: Connecting & powering the FrSky XSR receiver


Like all electronics, FrSky XSR receiver also needs to be powered and connected to a flight controller or a system on the UAV. While binding we need to ensure we provide a stable power supply to the receiver so that it can be turned on. 

The FrSky XSR receiver takes anywhere between 4~10V DC as input power and consumes around 100mA during operation - so power the receiver with a power supply with these specifications. You can easily use the 5V pad on your flight controller for the same.


The above picture depicts the wiring output of the FrSky XSR receiver. The +5V pin can use up to 10V although it is recommended you use only 5V from the flight controller or PDB along with the ground wire.

Once you have made the necessary wiring, power the FrSky XSR receiver to check whether it turns on or not. The Red/Green LEDs should start blinking if it has power. If you have got the LEDs blinking, it means the wiring was correct and the receiver has powered on -  you can continue to the next step. If the LEDs aren’t on, that means your wiring wasn’t correct and



Step 2: Putting the Taranis radio into Bind Mode


For this step, you may use any Taranis radio of your choice. I’ll be showing you how to do it on an X9D+  transmitter from FrSky.

  • First, turn on your transmitter.
  • Go to the “Model Setup” page by pressing the menu button once.
  • Scroll up in that menu till you find the “Internal Module” option.
  • Under that, select the following:
  1.  Mode - D16
  2. Channel Range - CH1-16
  3. Receiver Number - Any unused number
  4. Fail-Safe Mode - Any option you prefer


After the above settings are entered, select the [Bind] option and then the TX will turn on its binding mode with the above parameters and start looking for a nearby binding receiver to connect and pair with. You will also hear an audible “chirping” sound from the TX to give you a confirmation that the radio is ready to bind with the receiver.


Step 3: Putting the FrSky XSR receiver into Bind Mode & binding with the transmitter


Now that you have put your radio into the Bind Mode, it is time to put the FrSky XSR receiver into the Bind Mode as well. Unlike the set-up we went through on the FrSky radio, the FrSky XSR receiver is quite easy to put into bind mode.


  • First, make sure your FrSky XSR receiver is turned off.
  • Press and hold the “F/S” button on the FrSky XSR receiver at the corner of the receiver.
  • While holding down the button, power on your receiver. The RED LED on the receiver should start blinking fast - indicating it is in Bind Mode


Once that is done, in a few seconds (or immediately ) the GREEN LED on the FrSky XSR receiver would also light up - indicating that the receiver has been bound with your transmitter radio. You can turn off your receiver now and then exit the binding mode on the transmitter.

Power on your FrSky XSR receiver again and check if the GREEN LED is solid. If it is, then it means you have successfully bound the receiver to the Taranis transmitter. You will also see the RSSI range on your transmitter too if you have configured that.

If you have not been able to bind successfully, check the following points:


  • FrSky XSR and Taranis radio are using the same firmware - EU/Non-EU
  • Correct mode - D8/D16
  • Bind button on the receiver isn’t damaged



In this tutorial, we have seen how to bind the FrSky XSR receiver to a Taranis radio and configure the settings in order to get it bound. You can now set up failsafe options on your FrSky XSR receiver and connect it to a flight controller for flights!